A sale for a sweet soul.

AHHH finally after months of preparing Garage Sale weekend finally came! So for anyone who doesn’t know, My husband and I are headed to Uganda, Africa to help sweet faces like this….


However, That cost money..lots of it! So for the last three months I have been collecting Items that have ALL been 100% donated to have this garage sale to help raise money for our trip! Well the Sale was Saturday and It was amazing! The weather was perfect all week and of course there was a 40% chance of rain on Saturday! We arrived to set up a little after 5am and it people started arriving…with flashlights might I just add, at 6:30am!

The garage sale was underway! We all ran our little butts off!!! which looked a little like this…


This is my Hubby and Amanda (sister in law) working so hard to keep things organized.


And this pretty lady is Mama Zaruba..Seriously she worked about as much as I did if not more and she is lugging a boot around on her leg. Saint, that’s all I have to say about that.


When I say that I prayed ALL week and the night before the garage sale to hold off the rain, man I really begged God. We NEED to do well at this garage sale to be able to buy our plane tickets! My best friends sister is adopting from Ethiopia and she does a lot of fundraisers and this was one of them! She made a little over $1,000 so I was really hoping for at least that but would have been happy with $900. The sky was extremely overcast all day and looked like it could start pouring at any second. We had put an add in the paper and on signs that the sale would last until 2pm. It was now 1pm and we had done well so far but still had A LOT to sell! So with much hesitation from me while being over ruled by everyone else we decided to make signs that said EVERYTHING $1.00!! This hurt my heart people. I mean someone donated 2 PRADA bathing suits. Both still had the tags on and one of them cost $295.00. Sold for $1. I wanted to cry, but I just tried to remember even $1 helped us get to the sweet people of Uganda whom which I have already fallen in love with. Let me tell you…we moved a lot of stuff in that last hour. I kid you not at 1:56pm it started raining. God DOES love me. we packed up and decided to count the money. I was SO nervous about this. The grand total of what we made came to a little over $2600.00!!!

WHAT!!!!!  I’m gonna need a re-count! Yep folks, we made $2600.00 at a garage sale.

If this doesn’t show me how much God believes that Africa is where my heart already is and where my body needs to be, I don’t know what will. When I first started this garage sale idea I went through my stuff to see what Items I had to add, seeing as I am constantly taking little bags of old clothes or items and dumping them in those church drop boxes that are placed all around town, all I had was one small pile. If I would have counted I bet we would have had around 2,000 items donated, 30% of which I had to end up donating because we either didn’t sell it or we couldn’t fit it on the trailer to Houston.

I am DAILY reminded of Gods love for me and my desires. I am constantly overwhelmed by his grace. When I was worried about the rain I made a comment about it on facebook and someone left this comment under mine

“It’s funny, I was just sharing this passage with someone else….. “Elijah was a man with a nature like ours, and he prayed earnestly that it would not rain, and it did not rain on the earth for three years and six months. Then he prayed again, and the sky poured rain and the earth produced its fruit.” James 5:17-18″

I chose to not believe things like this just happen. I NEEDED to hear this verse. God KNEW I needed this. So little faith I was lacking at the time he fulfilled with a comment being left, such as this one.

I cant help but smile. Prayer is strong and God listens to the needs of our hearts and fulfills always.

Something new I am going to start doing on my blog is at the end of every entry I am going to put something I feel like I am needing to work on in my quest to know my God better or something I did that was less than what our King deserves. I want to make sure any and everyone reading knows my mission is NEVER to make me look better or make your efforts not good enough. Truly my mission is to let everyone know how I constantly fall short of what Jesus deserves and my quest to be the follower I so desperately want to be. I am human and have always really been a “surface” christian. I just made that term up. Meaning I knew what God could do, a little about him, would go to church when I got up on Sundays and would post bible verses on facebook when I was having an exceptionally bad day or good day. That my friends is the RAW truth. Terrible I know.

But I want more. I want depth. I need Jesus to be the pilot of my life. Its a slow mission but it is MY mission and I work toward it everyday, starting with small little tasks I do for Him.

So ending this entry, here is one of my faults I fell I have.

I am reading a new book called “7” by Jen Hatmaker. Do yourself a favor and read it. She says, “Plenty of people enact justice without devotion to Jesus. There is no salvation in that, no devotion. That well of mercy will run dry without replenishing, without supernatural motivation”

This really stuck with me. I have been reading books and blogs and praying harder and really talking to God. But I have yet to really open the Bible and read his story, read his struggles. His struggles for me. This is something I feel an extreme amount of guilt about so something I want to work on is setting time aside and reading the bible. I guess I just haven’t before because It’s easier to me when other people are able to interpret it for me. I get confused.

Jesus, I’m working on it.





2 thoughts on “A sale for a sweet soul.

  1. Casey – we are not moved in the same way that you are about Uganda but we are equally moved by your passion for these people. Your garage sale was an incredible experience. I was amazed by so many things! The amount of work it took (whew!), the generosity of people (it took nine hours to separate and set up all the donations), how cheap some people are (really, folks, it’s a dollar!), how interested complete strangers would be about your mission (wonderful prayers and blessings offered on the spot), the answer to “weather prayers” (1:56. You can’t order better timing than that) and how wildly successful a garage sale could be $2600?!?!?!?).

    I am not amazed by how you made this all come together. Standing ovation to you, my sweet girl.

  2. My Dear Sweet Casey: You’re beening blessed by Jesus! (LEAPS AND BOUNDS) WoW!!! You guys did good last Wat eekend at your gargage sale. So many blessings from Jesus!!! Wanted to let you know I ordered you Dr. Pastor Stanley Devotional Magazine( Daily word and study guide from the Bible. Also ordered Dr.Pastor David Jermiah daily Devotional from the Bible. It is so important to read Gods word daily! At least one verse a day! It keeps are hearts clean and prepared to recieve gods words in our hearts! So we can face the day! What my be thrown are way! Plus help others! Grandpa and I read these daily! It directs you the bible and he Jesus word! It’s also incouraging and helps with the day! I know you will like the magazine! so proud of you and love what you and Tyler are doing!!! God Bless you Both, Love Grandma Wendy

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