3 thoughts on “Brutally Honest.

  1. The devil is attacking me! i have written this twice now! it keeps going away! i will try later! Back off devil!! i will write this to my sweet Casey!!!

  2. Casey, I don’t pray out loud either. I don’t know what it’s going to take to do it but know you aren’t alone. God knows your heart and is so thrilled that you are coming to Him with everything. He loves us so much! He’s the best dad we could ever have. You should ask Brian to mail you The Evidence Bible that I mailed to him when he got saved. You would really enjoy the wealth of knowledge you receive from it and answers to questions and answers to other peoples questions if they ask you. Tell him I said to mail it to you!! It came from my ex boyfriend in MN, the one I was on the phone with here in Knoxville when I got saved. He prayed with me over the phone and mailed me some books to help me.

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