Lets think outside our comfy box.

I have always been in the medical field, as I am now. I work in surgery and was majoring in nursing. This has always seemed like a stable career and made sense because I was always in this field. However I never found the sense of accomplishment that I was looking for.

Through fundraising the last couple of months and learning more about Africa and reading books about Africa and a christian writer Jen Hatmaker, I have learned so much about what I WANT!

I WANT to change peoples lives! I want to give back to the sweet people that have been dealt a crappy hand!

folks, I have been introduced to the Social business, nonprofit, blogging, farmers market, green..world. yes I have.

I want to be part of this. I don’t want to sit on the sidelines while other awesome people try to improve the world, I want in!

in case you don’t know (because I didn’t) a social business as google so wonderfully defines is…A social business is a non-loss, non-dividend company designed to address a social objective. The profits are used to expand the company’s reach and improve the product/service, which has grown from the work of Muhammad Yunus and others.

so basically, They provide jobs to people in underdeveloped countries such as africa, cambodia, guatemala and many many others and the company then sells those items for a profit here in the states. Most of the profits will filter right back in to the business which again in return provides a job and sustainability for someone who other wise wouldn’t have it. No big deal, right? WRONG! These people in these underdeveloped countries..have nothing and NO opportunity!  This job allows them to keep there children, possibly send them to school, feed them and most of all keep them alive. These companies are amazing and here are a few of the woman they provide jobs to…ImageImageImageImage

or help kids like these….Image

If we can buy and shop like we want but maybe help some of these people out, why don’t we? Mainly, because we don’t know about them! Im gonna change that:) These people deserve the best life they can have and if we can help, then lets! Not everyone can go on a mission trip to Africa or may not even want to, which is ok! But you CAN make a difference by doing what you do best…shop! Below Im gonna list ALOT of business that ALL give back! They are social business’s! Check them out and help someone provide for their family like we provide for ours!

Awesome places to shop: Purchase for a Purpose people!!

Sak Saum

Starfish project

Scarlet Threads

Radiant Cosmetics

Connected in Hope



Raven and Lily

Noonday Collection


Tender Heart Foundation

Rooted in love




Back to Africa

KP project

Purse and clutch

One Mango Tree

The Catrinka Project

Roma boots

Kwagala project

global girlfriend

live fashionable

come together trading

red earth trading co.

3 seams

the hunger site

funky fish designs

be the joy

common threadz

preemptive love

furnace chill coffee

Just love coffee

sseko designs

Little Bee co.

just to name a few…

This world of giving back has changed my life. I have changed my major from nursing to International Business, I now work with a non-profit volunteering and I pretty much only buy from a social business (if I can). My life WILL be dedicated to helping others just the way the Lord helps us daily. No need to go crazy like I have but have a birthday coming up, need a new scarf, purse, clutch, jewelry, rain boots, flats, sandals, journals, thank you cards, coffee, make-up, baby items of all kinds…well everything single one of the stores I just listed has you covered! They have everything you need and give back all at the same time.

We are all so abundantly blessed so give back a little. It is guaranteed to make YOU feel so much better and help a fellow neighbor out!

This whole world of giving back has changed me, who I am, how I think and the person I want to be. Maybe it will do the same to you.

3 thoughts on “Lets think outside our comfy box.

  1. I was going to recommend M. Yunus’s social business model book, but I guess you have already read it! Such an awesome initiative, and I have a feeling it will catch on in the coming years! You should look into “Development as Freedom.” Its really interesting. You rock Casey!

    1. Anna-I actually haven’t read M. yunus’s social business model book. I wanted the definition to be exact so I got it from google. But now I WANT to read it! Thanks for the recommendations:) and thanks for reading!!

  2. Dear Jesus my prayer is for my sweet grandaughter Casey! She loves you so much and wants to know you deeper and DO YOUR WORK IN YOUR NAME! OUR PRAYER IS THAT YOU GIVE HER THE WISDOM, THE COURAGE, THE GRACE TO DO YOUR WORK IN YOUR NAME! THIS IS MY HEART PRAYER DEAR JESUS! AMEN!!!

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