The “7” (well 8 really) challenge

I never stick with anything, and I mean nothing! I always get gym memberships and about 2 months in Im done. I really suck at this area in my life.

I have been reading a new book by a christian speaker named Jen Hatmaker. Read her books, she amazing!

The book I’m reading now is called “7” in which she writes about doing an experiment to get rid of excess in her life in the hopes of filling those spaces with more God.

So hears the experiment I am going to do and hopefully you will love me enough and do it with me!!

I will chose 7 foods that I will ONLY eat and nothing else for 28 days. Simplifying, thats what this is about. Why do we always need SOOO many options for everything, well because its awesome. But heres the thing we don’t need it, we want it. What I want is Jesus. I want him to know my heart, my insecurities, my hopes and dreams. And I know he already does but I want to give more to HIM! I wan to give him my time. So this is my challenge, well to myself really.

28 Days. 4 weeks.

7 foods. 3 ingredients. Water only to drink plus coffee…. (this is ONLY because I drive an hour to work and basically fell asleep a few months ago driving and got really scared. so now coffee and I, we’re buds.)

Each day I can only spend 2 hours on the computer ( which I fully understand to most is absurd but be easy on me. I have a blog, fb, bags that I sell, e-mails about volunteering, selling, meeting, donating. lots of important stuff, oh yeah and homework for school. that little guy.)

The extra time will be dedicated to Jesus. my love. Learning, reading, calling my grandpa so he can explain what I’m reading, praying. That time is HIS! I will then be letting you all know at the end of the week what I learned (in my two hour window of course).

So here are the 7 items I can eat:



3.whole wheat bread


5.Grape fruit (ruby reds arn’t bitter, for any brave soul going on the ride with me) beans

7. sweet potatoes

8. well, coffee

The 3 ingredients I can use are these:

salt, pepper, SMALL amounts of olive oil.

After having a GREAT conversation with my gramps this is where I will focus my time while nose deep in the bible with my extra computer free time in the evening.

-Ephesians, Book of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, Matthew 26,27,28

-1st Peter, 2nd Peter

-1st John, 2nd John, 3rd John

I know thats alot, but its somewhere to start!

I want to give this time to Jesus. This time I should already be dedicating to him, but I don’t. Like I said earlier I suck at sticking with things. One time a few weeks ago I promised myself I would look at the “stats” section on word press that tells me how many people have read my blog (because I like to look at that:) until the next morning.

Ya’ll I lasted 2 hours.

So you see, this will be a challenge for me. But, thats what Im looking for. I PROMISE to be honest with you if I slip up! Lets hope I don’t. However If I do, I will tell on myself!

oh yeah and Im starting this MONDAY APRIL 15th…so anyone brave enough to do this with me, get ready!

I know its crazy, but jesus deserves crazy.

2 thoughts on “The “7” (well 8 really) challenge

  1. our sweet Casey: You’re a breath of fresh air! The love and how you already love Jesus!!! After 40days you will be filled up with so much holy spirit! Grandpa and I call this fasting for the Lord! We do this once a year! It’s such a cleansing time to get rid of things in your life that aren’t pleasing to Jesus! And a time to draw closer to him! It’s already amazing that you’re welling to do this! YOU WILL FEEL HIS SPIRIT GROWING INSIDE OF YOU AND THE LOVE WILL BE SO AMAZING! Jesus will give you the strength to do this! He has aready given you the desire to know Jesus deeper and closer! Grandpa and I have been praying for years for all our babies and our sons that each of you will know Jesus! Jesus is using you! The excitiment that you have shown since you married your sweet husband Tyler,and wanting to know Jesus! Is so incouraging!Grandpa and I!!!!!!!!!!! get so excitied when WE see what you’re doing in your life! YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IN JESUS NAME MY SWEET CASEY! YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MY LITTLE CASEY!!!!!!!!!
    Grandpa read this! he is soooooo proud of you! He said to tell you, he will be checking in with you!!!! And you can call him anytime of the day! Always remember this……I can do anything through JESUS CHRIST, who gives strength and courage!!!! amen!!!


  2. Interesting choices for your food. It would make shopping soooo much easier. Is this a joint venture? As in are you and Tyler both doing this? I totally understand the concept. We just finished Lent and it is 40 days of sacrifice to live our lives more like He intended. I’ll be praying for your success. Love the last line of this post. Jesus DOES deserve crazy! Our crazy love for Him!

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