The discomfort is where the magic happens.

Many people have been telling me about lent. I know what it is and this is sort of like that.

sort of.

Instead of giving up 1 item I have decided to give up ALL food items, including ingredients except these 8 items and 3 ingredients.





sweet potato

green beans

whole wheat bread


ingredients I am able to use:



a smidgen of olive oil.

OH and no more than 2 hours of Macbook time a night.

This should be fun.

Well, really it isn’t about fun. It is about gaining something I don’t have. A better spiritual balance. Less media. more husband. more Jesus. more God.

I want to simplify some. I want to gain some.

Im not doing this experiment to lose weight which is what anyone I have told thinks Im doing it for, I try to correct them. Sometimes its easier to just let them think I have a complex and I think Im fat so I have decided to drop the Dr. Peppers and double stuffed oreos for one month. mmm k.

I am doing this because truly Jesus Is my hero. He is my everything. I don’t set aside enough time for him. I don’t sacrifice enough for him and I don’t do near enough of what he expects. I want to do more. I want to help protect the things God created. My body, my land, giving, helping thy neighbor, All of it.

I want to make sacrifices for HIM. If a fast doesn’t include any sacrifices then it isn’t a fast. I want to be hungry and when I am I want Where normally my indulgence for food that is horrible for me or more media time would take over, I want Jesus to have a fresh platform. I want more. I NEED more.

Jesus gave so much and I hate to say it but we ALL give SO little. We don’t take care of our land we don’t buy from farmers markets to help support our neighbor, but buy from large corporations and fuel the income for CEO’s to have larger vacation homes. We don’t take care of the bodies that were so perfectly crafted for us. We judge. OH this one hurts me to the soul. (I do this also so please dont be offended) But LORD do we judge. I saw a post the other day that said we should stop helping the poor, sick and homeless.

My hearts sank. How Jesus must feel to see such disgrace.

Those people we are so quick to judge are PEOPLE. They are moms and dads who got off track somewhere along the way and have struggled to get back on. They are children that were born into unimaginative circumstances to parents who didn’t care about their future. WE need to be the light for them when they are unable to see one.

How dare we shun them and look down upon them only because we have been blessed. Those people, these moments to be the light, the times you should stand up for someone who doesn’t have a voice.

John the baptist says ” If we have two coats, one belongs to the poor”

How many of us really follow this. When we are at the feet of Jesus wanting to go into His kingdom, He is going to ask what WE did to build his World. Not what our neighbor did, what our church did, not what someone else did worse, but what did we specifically do!

Did we give to his poor people?

Were we the voice of someone who didn’t have one?

Did we protect his land that he so graciously provided us with?

Did we love him with unconditional love and have complete faith?

We all need to work more to work for him, not ourselves. (me included)

As Jen Hatmaker writes in her book ” Some of us were on the streets 3 months ago, some of us have masters degrees, lots of us are battling addictions, and all of us have failed.”

So you see, me and that homeless person walking down the interstate. We really aren’t so different.

All of these handmade Items from Africa I am selling and constantly filling everyone’s news feed up with. There are woman in Africa who have no voice. They need to support their family. Selling those items, that is the only way to provide for their families.

I am willing to annoy every single person on facebook, my friends and family, and husband constantly talking and trying to sell these items.

I am willing to annoy to be the voice that they don’t have.

Back to my weird eating habits for the next 28 days…

So yeah, im going to eat 8 items and nothing else. My amazing husband has decided to join me on this journey. He might make a FEW changes. He really loves oatmeal and we have 2 gallons of milk in the fridge that I REFUSE to let just sit and go to waste. So there’s that.

Did I mention I have never stuck to anything in my entire life. like never. ever. Im absolutely not going to suck at this BUT for any reason (even though I wont) I veer off course and make a horrible eating choice making Jesus really sad that I couldn’t even go 28 days without certain foods. 

I promise I will tell on myself and tell you. cross my heart hope to die.

So this weekend I have been super fat eating everything I could possibly eat to fatten up before my fast. so this morning I enjoyed french toast and mimosas



delish. But I am ready. I have been preparing myself for weeks. telling everyone I work with so they can SCOLD me if I even look at any other food item.

Here’s the deal peeps, Jesus did alot for us. Let so do alot for him.

Weird 8 eating habits. 28 days. more Jesus. less selfishness. less mac book. lets be honest, less food. less sugar. less me, more Him is ready to undergo in exactly 5 hours.

It WILL be enlightening. It WONT be fun.

The discomfort is where the magic happens.


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