through my hands.

So about a week and half ago I started a “challenge” If you will. Everyone seems to get what I was doing confused with Lent. The challenge was I would eat only 7 items for 4 weeks, no ingredients, no variations.

Well here’s the deal. I suck. I lasted all of about 5 days and lost it all. I know, I know. This challenge I was doing was not just for Jesus, but for me as well. I want to SIMPLIFY my life. Why do we need so much. I have slowly but surely started selling most of the jewelry I own, selling gorgeous heels I haven’t worn in forever, Oh so adorable clothes that I don’t need I am getting rid of as well.

Are my material items bringing me fulfillment or are they being bought to “Keep up with the Jones” as they say? They DON’T bring me fulfillment! I could have about 1/4 the material items I have now and my husband would love me, no less.

Jesus had such a simple life but such a fulfilled life. You know why? Because he gave what he had away. He gave to others that needed it. I could easily go buy a new purse and be excited about it but when I received 100 bottles of gummy vitamins and 216 bars of soap in the mail to give to those sweet sweet people in Uganda, truly lite my entire soul up.

I don’t why God chose Africa for me to fall so deeply in love with but he did, and there is no going back. I want to be the voice for these people and other people that are stuck in poverty and need a little push out. A voice for the people who need a little hope, a little faith.

I sat down last week, talking to friend about what exactly a “mission trip” was or also just what other people expected out of my mission trip.

I don’t think that in 3 1/2 weeks I can talk to kids and women about Jesus and his life make them turn into a Christ follower in that moment. Women and children who have been shown NOTHING but a horrific, hard, troublesome, full of loss and This is what I can do..

I can show them His extraordinary love through my hands, I can give them a picture of his generosity through the 4 suitcases worth of gifts I am bringing for them, I can pray with them so they can hear His words, I can spend quality time sitting and listening to them so they know HE is listening and most importantly hearing their needs. And the absolute most important thing I can do is….Give all the glory to HIM! Tell these people that I could never get to them if it wasn’t for His love for them. His love for ME, knowing I need this. This, my friends is where I get my fulfillment, this is the place were my soul shines.

I watched “The Impossible” 2 nights ago. Amazing movie about a family that was vacationing in Thailand when the tsunami hit. There was one part in the movie were the wife was absolutely beaten and bruised and close to death and all of these woman and men in a local village who don’t speak English, without hesitation took care of her and drove her to a hospital. The wife who was badly badly injured in crying and thanking them so sincerely for the generosity they have shown with the little breathe she is able to breath. Y’ALL I cried and cried like a little infant.

My hubs was nice not to give me a hard time about crying. ALL I could think was what if we all showed this kind of generosity! (close to tears again) Why does a tsunami have to happen to show people a little love when they need it most. Its hurts my heart to the core. I want my life to change to be an advocate for the people who need it the most. Not just in Africa but here, in our community as well.

Last night my husband and I were having a serious heart to heart about what we wanted, what this trip to Uganda was slowly turning into, how to keep our marriage strong through the changes and how to always put each other first through it all. We decided to just tell each other how we were feeling about the other one, what our thoughts were.

He told me that the other night when we were watching “The Impossible” he saw me crying but didn’t mess with me about crying ( which I was waiting for him to do) because all he could think was how much he loved that I had such a huge heart for others and he was thankful to have a wife that cared so much….

And the tears started flowing again. geeze he knows how to get me. Seems like I have been an emotional mess lately anyway (no Im not pregnant)

I get so many mixed comments about going to Africa. I locked my keys in my car like 2 weeks ago and my insurance company had to send a “pop-o-lock” person to come unlock it. Someone how Africa came up. No joke, I was lectured for 15 minutes on how I should help people here and we need to stop helping those people and wasting our money on foreign countries.

Cool, thanks could you just unlock my car please?!

I don’t know why Africa was CHOSEN for me. But, it was and I accept the challenge. I have never had a problem standing up for what I believe in and I sure wont stop now. I believe in these people I have never met. I believe in trying to end poverty and help others. I believe my generation could change the world.

For some reason I don’t feel the need to spread my love of Jesus with people who already know about his love. I want to spread his love to the people that have no reason to believe in his love. They have seen no evidence of a God that is there for them. I want to make Him known. I want to be the light that leads them to Him.

I know I can be.

I know they can be that for me as well.

We can follow the light together.

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