A plan to Pray.

 I was driving my long glorious hour drive to work the other day and while drinking my coffee, listening to my music and watching out for sprinting deer that have a death wish I thought about the ever so long list of things I need to pray about…

-my best friend emilys upcoming wedding

-my marraige and what God has in store for us

-my family..all of them

-how to be more thankful and less greedy

-the kids I fell in love with in Africa

-how to make my relationship with God more what I was wanting and less what I have.

I mean truly people this list could go on and on. And then whats happened next is a bit ridiculous. I thought, Well when I get home tonight before I start watching my nightly shows, spend time on instagram and facebook and take my bath I’ll find some time to really sit down and talk to God about all these things. 

REALLY?!?!? Who am I? ..and where along the road did I become so shallow?


NOW, NOW is when I need to pray. God is not promising us tomorrow and do we really want to go out with, “Let me make sure nothing important has happened on facebook since I last checked 15 minutes ago.” I tend to forget that life is temporary-so very temporary. Im reading a book by Jennie Allen called “Anything” (which is amazing by the way) and in it she writes..

“If life is temporary, why create the safest one possible that gets you through it with the least amount of scars?”

If we truly believe life is temporary, that belief along the way changes how we live. We say that we believe in heaven, I say I believe in heaven (and I do) but I don’t always show that. IF I really do believe that there is a beautiful lasting eternity waiting for me then WHY am I SOO concerned with the material things in this world and not so much with the very words and truth that are the very reason WHY I am able to have a eternity of love after this life. 

It’s all very confusing, but Im trying to wrap my head around it. If you have heard it once, you have heard it a million times. 

TOMORROW ISNT PROMISED! Yeah, we know BUT, even if we do have tomorrow and a lot of us will then does that make it ok to put a prayer off until later? It doesn’t and now is the time. 

driving in your car

brushing your teeth

standing in the shower

cleaning your house

lying in bed

Whatever you may be doing, just pop a little prayer in there to the big man upstairs because we get the glory of living because of HIM, daily. So why not glorify HIM a little more by simply giving him our time, our time that we have right now.

love, CZ

2 thoughts on “A plan to Pray.

  1. “where along the road did I become so shallow”??? Casey, Love, you are anything but shallow! The woman you have grown to be since the day you were upset because it was going to take the body shop 2 days to repair your car after that lil rear end accident is simply amazing! You’ve always cared about others, but now you are so passionate about people, it truly gives me goose bumps when I read about the life you live. You keep us all humble and grounded on FB with your posts……so I think you’re right on track in doing what He wants you to do! I am so grateful to call you my friend!

  2. Amen! My sweet Casey!!! I pray to Jesus the moment my eyes open every morning! Thanking him for ALL MY BLESSINGS! AND ALL MY KIDS AND FAMILY!!! Grandpa has been praying for years that all his kids will know Jesus and understand the love he has for us! Grandpa and I want all our kids to be Heaven with Jesus! Please know we are so of you! For what you stand for!!!!!!

    God Bless You and Tyler!

    Love, Grandpa and Grandma McKee

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