Falling in love with Jesus at 26

Everyone has had them. Those pushy people that straight up PUSH religion on us. They mean well but they are trying to push a God onto someone who is not at the point to truly understand a godly love. I don’t think this has ever worked or will ever work.

When in history has someone been excited to learn about something that they HAD to learn about. When I was around 14 years old or so, I was “saved”. I was told to repeat something I knew nothing about…

I like to call people like me “Quiet Christians”, just because I don’t go to bible studies, church every sunday and say the occasional cuss word doesn’t mean that I am not a God loving, adoring, obsessing believer.

Because I am.

I just don’t always feel so comfortable talking about it out loud. Not because I am afraid of what people think but honestly because I don’t know enough facts about the bible to speak confidently. And thats the pathetic truth.

Somewhere in us all we are jealous people. Usually over superficial materialistic things such as having the cutest clothing item, newest I-something, nicest house or home decor, newer model car or even the RICH (yes they are rich) people that do all their grocery shopping at whole foods. I mean come on, who can afford that.

I have always been this person, I want to look cute and drive a nice car and have nice things…just as much if not more than the next person.

HOWEVER, On April 16th, 2013 ( yes, as in 6 months ago) something changed. This is a day I will remember for the rest of my life.

God worked Africa into my heart in December, After that I was curious about this feeling to obey him, I had never felt this before. So, I began reading. I came across a book “Kisses from Katie” which I have mentioned before.

I remember every single thing about this moment. It was late, I was sitting on the right corner of our larger couch with the my burnt orange lamp on to my right side.

The exact same spot I am sitting in this very second, writing this blog.

I remember reading katie’s story and her undying love for Jesus. This was no ordinary love. It was radical. It was extreme. It was the exact love Jesus wants all of to have.

I was Jealous. As tears rolled down my cheeks (much like they are about to now) I felt so ashamed, so sorry that I had given SO LITTLE of me to a God that gave it all up for me.

I had never wanted anything so bad in my life than to have that feeling and commitment that Katie had. And the best part of it all, it was free. All I had to do was free fall into HIS trusting arms.

Our freedom is tucked away in the words of Jesus and Im so thankful that comes free to me.

I dont want to be that person who talks about God more than I obey God.  I want to act for God. I want to go on his missions, adopt his orphans…and a lot more things that are stirring in me to do for him that I will work out down the road.

If I feel this way, then others do also. I can’t possibly be the only 26 years old that just fell in love with Jesus. So if you are in your adult life and just now falling in love with a Jesus that has been patiently waiting for us to get here.

well…..better late than never.


Until next time,


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