National Adoption DAY!!! Want to know one of the worst parts?

Today is a day that I am so proud to now be apart of. National Adoption Day.



Tyler and I constantly talk about our future kiddo now. While decorating the Christmas tree we talked about how we can’t wait until we have our baby home and they get to help decorate the tree and help put the stockings on the fire place. We can watch Christmas movies and bake fattening treats that we surely don’t need.

When I walk through a book store I stop and look at the children’s books. Thinking of putting them to bed with a bed time story. When Tyler and I are piled up with our pups on the couch at night watching a movie (yes we allow our 9 lb. dogs on the couch, don’t judge!) we think of 3 of us on the couch watching a movie! This goes on and on and on, dreaming of having our child home and out of an orphange, out of institutionalized care.

When flying home from TN on Monday I returned a phone call from Jim who is our director at our adoption agency and we talked for almost 2 hours. He explained everything in detail to me. This is a new program so he explained when he first went to the Czech Republic to meet the officials and visit the orphanages, he was surprised to see that the baby/toddler home was not a home at all. It was a ROOM off the side of a hospital where they would put all the children in and hospital employees would watch over them. This was so hard to hear, that these kids were LIVING in a room off the side of a hospital. Jim told me about how when we first arrived we would meet with the child for the first time in Brno at the orphanage with a psychologist there with us just to see how our first interaction with the child went. We will then sleep at the orphanage in a separate room they have for the parents and have 2 more meeting with the psychologist observing. Once he approves things are going well we then will be able to leave with our child and get our own apartment for for the next few weeks. We will then have another meeting with the psychologist to see the progress and he will again sign off with his approval and we will then fly to Prague to the courts to have the visa and other documents finalized to come home.

I took it all in, every single bit of information he was giving me. I want to know everything. I couldn’t wait to call Tyler and tell him about it! There are MANY hard things about adoption…the waiting, the paper work, the wondering, the critics, the now all of the sudden “adoption experts” that want to give their input or negative comments. This is all part of it and I let it roll off my back, but truly one of the hardest parts for both of us but definitely more Tyler is the asking for help..part. The truth is we could never do this on our own. No  matter how hard we tried we wouldn’t be able to save $30,000 in the next year and half.

When we were still talking adoption and hadn’t started the process I was looking at adoption stuff on ETSY and ran across a shirt that says “It Takes a Village”  I showed it to Tyler and we both thought, how does this have anything to do with adoption. But, now I get it. It truly DOES take a village. Adoption cannot be done without others. Not just the financial help but also the support, the late night texts with a fellow adoptive moms waiting and shoulder deep in paper work as well. Without the random messages of how we inspire people, (what??!, we inspire people?) this made my day. and most importantly the prayers, those late night prayers to God about all of it.

so it does…TAKE A VILLAGE. Our child will know how many people helped get them our of an orphanage and in our family. It was never just us, it took so many people that loved them enough to help bring them home!



So with that being said, We just finished out home study..WOO HOO!! Once it is finalized and complete we will then be eligible to apply for GRANTS!!! but for now, we will owe $3,000..SOON! The grants, if we get some will help us with travel to pick our baby up, Which will cost around $10,000 for flights for all 3 of us, an apartment for 4-6 weeks and food, translator and everything that comes along with being in a foreign country for that long.

So in honor of NATIONAL ADOPTION DAY, please consider skipping dinner or a coffee and investing in us, in our family, in our child, in making one less in a room off the side of a hospital in the Czech Republic somewhere. I don’t ask this lightly, I don’t ask this thinking you SHOULD donate to us because we are adopting, I ask this with hesitation and desperation. I ask this KNOWING I am asking you to donate to us the money that you have worked all week for! The money that you earned while being away from your family.

So please know that I am thankful for you and your love for our family and our mission to bring this child home. There are a few ways to help us…

1. You can donate to our Paypal account (link below)

2. Buy something from my ETSY page. (link below)

3. BUY a Gun raffle ticket for $20 (must live in TX or a neighboring state) (use the paypal link above and just enter $20 for the amount per ticket and in the comments mention that you are purchasing a raffle ticket)



We are so grateful for each and everyone of you and your support! No need to donate a lot but if just 300 people donated $10, this portion of our adoption would be taken care of!!! If you aren’t able to help financially, would you consider sharing this with your friends?




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