What IF:

How do you know God was calling you to Africa?

How do you know God is calling you to adoption?

I get asked these questions ALL the time. This weekend I attended the IF:Gathering in Austin, Tx. Aside from marrying my husband, It was one of those life changing weekends. The words that were spoken and the dreams that were being dreamed of what God was about to do and COULD do was something I was not expecting. I had no idea what I would be promising God this weekend…

How do I know I was Called to Africa? In January last year God put Africa on my heart. And I mean like BAM! in your face our your heart and I am going to haunt you with this need until you obey. Ya’ll God WANTS…I take that back, God NEEDS us to be obedient to him.

This is not an easy task. God can ask some seriously BIG things of us. and he does. BUT do we truly for one second think that God would ask something of us, FOR HIS GLORY, without a way to carry it out? NO!

All he needs from us is to say Yes, He needs a willing heart and hand. We are claiming to BE THE CHURCH yet we pick and chose what we want to do for God.

As if there is a dialogue such as,

“Well, God is pushing me to volunteer in the church and that’s easy. So I’m in.”

“God, I really feel like you are calling me get my hands and feet in the dirt and really serve and befriend the homeless community, BUUUUUT that doesn’t really fit in with my schedule and none of my friends are involved so I’ll skip this one”

Y’ALL this happens! Not just with you but with ME also..no more because this weekend I made a promise with God…

God wants us to gain that child-like faith we once had when we were naive to what REAL problems were going on in the world and what HUGE things God might ask of us. He wants us to squeal about how excited we are about him.

We have lost this as a generation and it is TIME to get it back.

The time has come and it is time to show up for God.

It is time to risk EVERYTHING in this life for the one that isn’t going to end..

God brought us here to work miracles THROUGH us. He can’t do that if we aren’t all in.

It’s so easy to be half in, because I always have been. I have been what I like to call a “convenient follower”. I would conveniently need that man that died on the cross for me, when it was convenient for me. When MY needs needed to be met. When I was in pain and prayed out to God merely out of desperation. But when am I doing work for God, merely because HE needs it? When do I see a homeless person on the side of the road and pull over just to have a conversation with them? Or to show them that WE, THE CHURCH. Gods people, believe in their worth? Believe that I am in fact NO better than them but I have only merely had better circumstances.

And lets be clear here. That IS the only difference.

You know when I have done that? never. not one time. But you know what is sad? I HAVE had the push. I have felt the need and heard God telling me to stop. And I just didn’t. Because it wasn’t convenient for me.

It’s time for things to change. Not just for me but for our Generation. I know what your thinking, “Pssshhhhh Casey, not going to happen. We can’t change a generations mind about wanting to do more!!” and you would be right, we can’t.

But our almighty can. Jesus CAN. He just needs willing participants…

I know it won’t be easy but, Jesus is saying “Leave your comfort zone, you are with the comforter”

so I will..

I mentioned that this weekend that I made a promise with God, like a Big one. and I meant it with my whole heart.

I promised God anything. Anything he needed my heart for I would do.

Not just the big things. Not just the small things. Not just the things that were convenient for me. But the needs of his heart. What breaks Gods heart, I want to break my heart. I promised God all things. That he is my Father and he comes first and what he asks I will do..for his glory.

Hebrews 11:1-3

“Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. This is what the ancients were commended for”

What if we could be like the ancients? What if our Generation could be different because there is a reality looming that nobody seems to acknowledge.

What if we are the last generation?

I just love you all and these words aren’t written lightly. But I believe we can be different with my whole being.

love, CZ


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