Stirring up a nation: AMOS

When something sticks with you..

you question it.

Think on it.

Ponder it.

What is it about?

About a week ago I was talking to Tyler and As much as I LOVE the name Kamoga, I want him to fit in when he comes home. Clearly, yes I know our skin colors will be different but I kept thinking out names we could possibly call him that wouldn’t be such a far stretch from Kamoga. Literally everything I came up with was horrible and sounded stupid. Awesome.

The other day out of fields of Kansas (nowhere) I feel like God whispered the name Amos to me. I think I had only ever heard this name once. Usually when I hear a name I like it is because I heard it from a TV show or commercial and a friends..friends kids..sister. you know what I mean? Yes, I am a name stealer.

But not this one. Noone talked about this name. No one mentioned it. Nothing.

I mentioned it to Tyler who usually vito’s ALL my name choices for our kids because they are usually different. He kind of shrugged and said, its not bad. WINNING! Amos Kamoga Zaruba. Kind of had a ring to it huh? (still working on Tyler)

Well this weekend while at the IF:Gathering I was flipping through my bible. (and this is the part I am going to need this to be a judgment -free zone) but I saw the book of Amos! Shut up! I didn’t even know there WAS a Book of Amos.

I remember flipping through it and seeing that name and it immediately fluttered my heart like if you were about to go over the big drop of a roller coaster. However, I was a CRAZY note taker this weekend and didn’t have time to look into this book of Amos at the time. So I didn’t.

Tonight, I had the time.

The book of Amos has some serious emotion in it.  When I first started reading it this is what I read.

“Amos stands in the great temple at Bethel and announces that God is stirring up a nation to conquer Israel.”


“God isn’t impressed with Israel and the misuse of Israel’s wealthy, military might, or self-indulgent way of life. He is seeking Justice, while the rich and powerful are taking advantage of the poor.”


God chooses Amos to deliver the message to Israel that if things don’t change he WILL take down their nation. He sent AMOS!

God has sent Amos to Israel to let them know how disappointed God is with their devotion to him. And he does..

I see it.

I understand God whispering Amos in my ear now.

God is STIRRING up my heart to conquer. God is seeking Justice..right along side me.

This is just another way God is so visibly showing me, he is with me.

When I am surrounded by my enemies, God is surrounding my enemies.

He won’t back down and neither will I. I will seek justice for Kamoga and his life. That he might be an orphan in Africa but he is a SON OF GOD and nothing can over power that. He is my son.

Amos, lets seek justice together. Let’s conquer the nations.

Love, CZ


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