Adoption Timeline: UPDATES!!!!!

So many of you Amazing people have been supporting us one fundraiser, t-shirt, puzzle piece, prayer, encouraging comment at a time. All of these things are what help keep us going. Of course we DREAM of the day we get our Referral call (this means that the office in Brno, Czech Republic has matched us with a child) and we are able to see our child for the first time. That also keeps us going! Because SOO many of you give to us and our adoption journey we want you to know where these funds are going, where we are at now with the adoption and what we have left to raise! We want to bring you right along with us in this journey! There are some things with Kamogas case that we can’t speak about but when the time is right, I will be able to tell you more about what is going on over in Uganda with our sweet boy:)

So here is a breakdown of whats going on with the Czech Republic adoption!

September 19, 2013- Our application for the Czech republic program for international adoption, goes in the mail!

September 29, 2013 (roughly)- We get a letter in the mail saying we were APPROVED and meet all the qualifications for the Czech program

October 19, 2013- We send in our application to Generation Adoptions in Dallas, Tx to have our home study done

October 23, 2013 (roughly)- We get a call from the case worker to set up our homestudy

November 11, 2013- We have the first part of our home study

November 12, 2013- We have the second part of our home study. Home study is now DONE!

January 3, 2014- Our COMPLETED home study report was sent from Generations Adoption in Dallas, Tx to our agency Christian Adoption Services in North Carolina

January 15, 2014- We received our COMPLETED home study in the mail at out home!

January 15, 2014- We sent off our 1800A for to USCIS in Dallas, Tx for them to approved us to bring a child into this country.

February 14, 2014- We had our biometrics fingerprinting appointment in San Antonio, Tx for our USCIS application process.

February 28, 2014- We received THE e-mail that our USCIS application had been reviewed and approved!!

March 10, 2014- We have our Psychological/ Personality Assessment (OUR LAST PAPER CHASING STEP)

And this brings us up to date of where we are NOW!! So basically what happens next is, Monday I will receive our completed Psychological Assessment. When I was getting all of our paperwork together 2 nights ago I realized our back ground check was out of dated  (has to be within 3 months of our dossier submission) I called our home study agency in Dallas and told her the situation and that we needed this quick and she is on top of it and had it ran again. We should have it just in time! We also had to make a photo book with our home and all the bedrooms (I sure did translate all the photo captions into Czech) and that was shipped a few days ago so I am hoping it will be in today’s mail. There were A LOT of paper steps between all of those steps above but those are the major steps! Our next step is…Tuesday night after work I will drive to Austin to take ALL of our Documents to the Secretary of State’s office and get whats called an apostile  on everything and that same day I will mail everything to our agency! They will then review it to make sure everything looks good and ship it to Prague, Czech Republic to get translated. THEY will then ship it to Brno, Czech Republic where they will put us in the file for waiting families! The Czech Republic program is new so there is no one else on the wait list. There are TWO other families in the program and we are all submitting our paperwork at around the same time but we and our program director are confident we will get matched sooner than later.

We are accepting a single child from ages 0-3 years boy or girl with minor disabilities OR a SIBLING SET, boy or girl ages 0-4 years with minor disabilities!

ALL of this is VERY exciting for us that we are SOOOO close to being on the list (that doesn’t really exist because no one else is waiting) BUT along with this are some BIG expenses, here is the break down:


Application fee- $200.00

Online database fee- $150.00

Home study fee- $1,800.00

Fingerprinting fee- $90.00

USCIS application fee- $890.00

Dossier Fee- $1,000.00

Psychological Assessment- $350.00

Parent Training classes- $150.00

TOTAL PAID- $4,630.00


Coordination Fee- $3,500.00 (which we owe in about a week or two)

Translation of Dossier fee- $1,500 (Which is also due in a week or two)

Referral Fee- $4,000 (Due upon referral, probably within the next 3 months)

Travel expenses- $12,000 (estimated, plane tickets, lodging, transportation, visas, food etc. ) for 8-9 WEEKS in country!!

So as you see, we have a ways to go BUT we have about $4,500 of that raised/saved and in our savings account. So we have the coordination fee covered ans some of the dossier fee but, that literally drains our savings account to ZERO! We HAVE applied for grant but wont hear anything about those until this summer.  I will keep this updated as we go but I want you to feel comfortable when you give that we aren’t going on a shopping spree to the mall and taking luxurious vacations. We DID however just get our child rooms set up and we used a portion of our tax return. We have to send a photo book as I mentioned and pictures of the childs room as to be in it, and we just wanted to get their room ready! We are constantly stressed about these expenses but somehow through Gods Grace and his love POURING out through each one of you…Every dime just keeps showing up little by little. When you donate $5 and another donates $50 or $100. We are thankful it all.  Please don’t think we care if you donate $5.00 That is $5.00 YOU EARNED and are donating to US! That is the most beautiful show of love and support that I could ask for. I fully understand you probably get tired of seeing my CONSTANT post about fundraising but y’all we can’t do this on our own and so we are so thankful for your support and comments through all of this!

ALL of these expenses above are just for our Czech Adoption, these are not including anything going on with Kamoga. We send money to him as often as possible. We recently sent money for him to have cartoons of milk everyday (doesn’t seem like much but it is) and we also sent money for his school uniform and supplies.

I will keep you up to date as we go and thank for being Gods love to our family and helping us inch through this adoption!

If you want to participate in our current fundraiser the paypal link will be below. Each puzzle piece is $5.00 and your name will be written on the back. The completed puzzle will be framed and hung in our child’s room! We have sold 202 pieces and have 50 left to sell!! We can do this!!!!

PAY FOR PUZZLE PIECES HERE (or if you want to just donate) :


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One thought on “Adoption Timeline: UPDATES!!!!!

  1. read everything! Made my heart heavy! You and Tyler are so amazing! Grandpa and I are so proud how you grown in your faith for Jesus! God Bless You! And your sweet little family!!!!

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