I hope if everyone runs, you choose to stay.

First of all…press play.

I was lying there feeling the grains of the local high school track on my back as I attempted to do situps in between running laps as my husband laps me about ten times. I was doing my situps and when I got to ten (yes that’s all I do) I just sat there and looked up at the sky, it was light blue with lines of clouds that were shear and you could see through.

Lying there I was thinking about our God and how he has given us, ALL of us chances that we let go to waste. He provides paths and doorways and roads for us that we all stop at and decided to turn around and all because of one thing.


Fear of the unknown, fear of failing, feeling of moving in a different direction than our friends, fear of being judge, fear of opinions, fear of looking dumb or fear of succeeding and really not knowing what to do with it.

The thing people don’t understand is all of those things are totally okay, but where it gets sticky, where we decide to turn away from a calling, dream, desire, want or need is when we decide to stop.

You have to move forward! Almost all things we get a second chance at, almost everything! Except one thing, LIFE. We don’t get a do over on Life!

We aren’t able to come back in our next life and live out a dream or get out of that crappy relationship and find our prince. We don’t get to come back and tell that family member, friend or spouse how much we really loved them..before they passed away. There is no, Ill be healthier in my next life.

Above all else and I think the most important, we don’t get to come back and show God how much we appreciated his loss for our gain.I mean truly show him, not just through our words but our actions as well. To physically be his hands and feet for the nations, for the least..for them all!

What we do have…is NOW. Y’all we have this one life. THAT’S IT!

I am scared every SINGLE day moving forward with one adoption and TRYING to move forward with a second..that we CANNOT afford! But in the deepest part of my soul I whole heartedly believe that God WILL NOT let me fail when we are working for him. I really just don’t, that doesn’t at all mean I don’t get scared or nervous like any other person.

Not living out the life you want because of fear is an absolute travesty! I am not saying it will be easy, I am saying it will be worth it.

So go live your life..your DREAM life. Because we only get one and what a waste to live anything less.

I dream of adopting two orphans, one from the Czech Republic and our boy in Uganda.
I dream of changing the lives of others.
I dream of building water wells in rural Africa.
I dream of retiring in Jinja.
I dream that when I meet my maker he says, “Good Job!”.
I dream of having a successful career serving the impoverished.
I dream of learning to live from the poorest of the poor.
I dream that my husband and I will stay madly in love actually forever.
I dream of running a marathon.
I dream of completing my bachelors sooner than later.
I dream of not biting my nails when I’m nervous or excited.
I dream of not getting red and splotchy when I talk in front of people.
I dream of being a public speaker..speaking about Jesus.
I dream of writing a book and it being published.
I dream of coming to the end of life and saying “I gave it my all”

So you see, I have some BIG dreams and some not so big. Either way I plan on fulfilling them all. I plan on overtime consciously individually working on each one of those.

I believe that we can live a life that fulfills. I also believe that means taking risks.

So lets stop making lengthy lists of why we can’t do something or why we shouldn’t because if you have even just ONE reason you should do something, then do it.

I came across this song. It is basically my life song.

Be bold.
Be daring.
Be crazy.
Be you.

Love, CZ

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