Life_ it’s yours.

SO a while back I mentioned I would start sharing different things inspiring me. I don’t claim to be some super inspirational person BUT tons of other people inspire me and I truly feel like because of some of those things I am overall happier with my life.

So first of all I think there are a set of 4 KEY items that you could use to be inspired but these are absolutely the things that inspire me.

1. Books

2. People

3. Passion

4. Music

Let me explain.

I find inspiration in all sorts of things but most of it I get form these 4 things. The music thing its crucial. I cannot write anything at all without having ear buds in listening to christian music. Lately my favorite is Bryan and Katie Torwalt, which just so happens to be who I am listening to now. Check it out. “It is Finished” seriously it will give you chills.


Sometimes I think it is easy to get caught up in wanting to compare ourselves with others. Others in life, wardrobe, faith, job, income, life path…It is SO hard not to do this but take a step back because each of us have something pretty special in our own lives. Instead of comparing yourselves with others, empower each other, lean on one another and I think it is so important to surround yourself with people who have common interest. I have so many people I love but lately my “people” are two adoptive mama’s whose hearts, they are my hearts. We are one in the same. Nikki, Shauna and I are all adopting as well as having heart for International missions and an even bigger heart for Jesus. We have this HUGE dream of opening a kids center in Nicaragua and seeing where God leads us all. Now don’t feel bad if your “people” aren’t people that have always been in your life because guess what? We change as we grow. Our wants, needs and desires they grow bigger and sometimes we grow apart which us okay.



The only other people that are more important in my life are my husband, Kamoga, (czech baby) and my God


Because dang he is cute.

I think another way to be inspired are to real look inside yourself and figure out what you are passionate about. My passions? Clearly adoption, Jesus, International missions. So I purposely follow and keep up with pages and blogs that involve these things. Here are two amazing faith based websites that give you bible studies! IF: Gathering and She Reads Truth



Sometimes I think it is important to not take ourselves too seriously. Right now I am right this blog in my master bedroom under Christmas lights. true story..


Sometimes the things that can inspire us can be as simple as a beautiful notebook. My favorite are a set of Rifle Paper Co. notebooks form Target.


I am inspired by so many things but my heart, it is inspired by Jesus. The comfort I get in having conversations with him its something that nothing else could ever fulfill. A peace overcomes me in knowing that if the whole world crumbled around me, I wouldn’t be alone. I think all to often we let it slip before us, we let our lives slowly throughout years pass us by without living out our full potential. I think we have little cells of awesomeness in us that are just waiting to be used up. I believe their is a certain light in us all and we all have different passions and loves which is so perfect because I think that’s how we make it all work. I know it is so easy to say…yeah get out there and follow your dreams when that is not always as easy as it sounds. But here’s the thing if we pray about it and genuinely talk to God not about where we want our lives to lead but rather where he wants our lives to lead I think we won’t need to open our own doors because he will point us to the ones that are already opened.

Knowing that I am fully surrendered to Jesus makes me feel so much less vulnerable when I am desperately praying my guts out to him.

I think it could do the same for you.

I always try to right a blog post about our adoption or (like this) solely about how to be inspired…but it always comes back to one thing. It always comes back to me writing about Jesus.

Because day in and day out…

He will always be my biggest inspiration.

Love, CZ


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