Secret Telling.

FRIENDS! Remember yesterday I posted that I had a secret to share about an adoption related topic but not directly dealing with OUR adoption. Well i am ready to tell you! So I currently work in the medical field and always have. I had been going to school for nursing and early last year while preparing to go to Uganda my heart shifted. I knew I wanted to be in a field that I was not only passionate about but a job that I could feel as though I was not holding back, like I didn’t give up on a dream of having a passionate career filled with Jesus daily in order to have stability. Which on the flip side can be kind of scary…stability is nice, especially when you are adopting two little’s and dreaming of how God is going to use you and your adoptive mama friends to be obedient to what he is calling us to over years to come. 

I can be scary for financial reason because we ARE in the middle of two adoption and I have a stable job right now.

I could go on and on but at the end of the day I know the truth. God didn’t call me to play it safe, he called me to be BOLD in his name. So I am jumping in feet first.

Over the last couple of week’s the hubby and I have been talking more about my job situation. I have a great job but I drive 102 miles round trip daily, I desperately have been wanting to get into the field of my major (International Business), having the opportunity to stay home a little more when my little’s come home AND the biggest problem was we literally live in the middle of nowhere land. As in the closest metropolitan area is 2 hours away. Boo.

So two weekends ago Tyler and I were talking about it more than normal. I didn’t think to much about it and Monday morning I had the most amazing message in my inbox. Keep in mind I had not mentioned this to ANYONE but Tyler.

I had a message from a sweet friend, fellow adoptive mama and co-owner of Christian Adoption Consultants.

She wrote me a message asking if I had ever been interested in working in the adoption field. Her and her husband own an adoption consultant company and they had a domestic program that was doing wonderful but she plans to open up an international program this year and had been praying on the staff for it. She mentioned that she just felt God leading her to ask me.

mouth on the ground. I called Tyler and said, “YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE THIS!!!!”

FAST FORWARD DAYS AND EMAILS AND PHONE CALLS…and I am now the newest member of the International Adoption Program for Christian Adoption Consultants. I will also learn the domestic side of things so I can help these families as well.

I am just in awe truly of how God always hears us, He knows our wants, needs and desires. What’s even more amazing is this is a “from home” for the most part..job. REALLY???

MY heart is for orphans, advocating for families, loving the least of them, International issues and just being a vessel for God to do his work..whatever it may be!


Go check out Christian Adoption Consultants on FB and “like” our page!


Love, CZ



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