It’s a fine line.

I usually think of blog idea’s at the most inconvenient time. I will be somewhere that I am not able to jot down my thoughts real quick to remind myself that I wanted to blog about it, today I was driving home form work at 7am and It hit me.

This little thought. CRAP, of course I can jot it down! OH and my drive home is an hour. awesome.

So it goes a little something like this..

I am driving home and I think to myself, I need to go home and go outside, pour me a cup of coffee and open my bible and read a little about Jesus. Go through my IF:Gathering <— Do y’all do If:gathering? If not, you should! Anywho so I’m thinking to myself that I want to go open my bible and read when I get home and DO YOU KNOW what my immediate second thought was?

OH! and then I can snap a cute little picture with my cute coffee mug, sitting cross legged in my cute backyard making sure to get my cute plants in the picture!! AND if I am lucky, I’ll get one of my cute chicks in the pics also. 

kind of like this one:


YOU GUYS! I mean for the LOVE..

And then it got me thinking….If I thought this way then I’m sure others do as well.

AND THEN THAT GOT ME THINKING…If we had to do things such as open our bibles and spend time with just us and Jesus, read about his life, help someone in need, be the true hands and feet of Jesus, go to church on Sunday, go to our knees in desperation, throw our hands in the air to worship, cry it out to him, thank him for his every blessing, be the voice for the voiceless…If we did all of these things but no one ever could ever know, we couldn’t post a picture to instagram or facebook about how we helped the homeless person, we couldn’t adopt his children or go on his mission trips and blog about it or talk to friends about, there would be no more worship at church in front of all your friends..

Would we still do it?

And of course most people would say yes and so would I, but unfortunately I don’t know how true that would be.

But what I am talking about… about doing this for God and not for a small moment of self gratification or maybe a little self esteem boost when you see “45 likes” on a picture..

That’s EXACTLY what Jesus did. He did it for God and no other reason.

So before you and I hit “post” of that cute picture of you and your bible or your devotional…every once in a while maybe decide to hit “cancel” instead. Because sometimes I think Jesus loves those tiny little intimate moments with you and I to last just a little longer.

Saying all of this, I don’t think posting is a bad thing, I think it could be the one thing that day that inspires someone to open their bible or to dig a little deeper to find HIM. Maybe they need a little push and they saw you find comfort in the beautiful words written so perfectly and they think possibly they could also.

It’s a fine line..but isn’t everything?

Love, CZ


2 thoughts on “It’s a fine line.

  1. I am so excited I found your blog…I’ve enjoyed reading about your heart for adoption! We are also adopting, and my hearts is burdened for the fatherless as well! I love connecting with others who are adopting 😉

    1. Aww yay!! Glad you stopped by! I love this huge adoption community of all of ours!! We also have an adoption FB page “Bring home baby Zaruba”

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