Q&A about baby FOSTER

Hi friends!

So the last few days have been life changing for us. We met our son and he is so amazing and perfect! The love and support we have received from all of you is more than we ever dreamed of getting. I mean I am writing this blog while my husband is feeding our son. WHAT?!?!

From the VERY beginning Tyler and I have made our adoption journey an open book and we always wanted it that way. So naturally with this CRAZY last minute situation we got a call about there would be lots of questions. I am going to try to answers a lot of the questions I have been receiving, however if you have a questions I miss just shoot me a message and I will try to answer it and If I don’t feel comfortable answering it, I will let you know that as well 🙂

#1. Why is he in the NICU?

ANSWER: Where we understand that we have been an open book on most everything in the past. All of that information and updates and tears and excitement, only affected Tyler and I. If I were to explain  why he is in the NICU that doesn’t just affect Tyler and I anymore. That’s not just our story to tell, we now have Foster and It’s his story also and we don’t want to make those decisions for him. So this is one of those questions that we have decided to keep private. I understand people only mean well when they ask but we have to find a fine line of being an open book and protecting our son. What I can tell you is that he is getting healthier and stronger daily and soon he will be home with us so we can start an amazing life together.

#2 How long will he be in the NICU?

ANSWER: We don’t have an exact time frame. (I wish we did) Of course we would love to go home. NICU is no joke and spending all day here with Foster and then driving back and forth from where we are staying to here and not getting a ton of sleep. The NICU nurses are AMAZING here and teaching us so much about how to best care for our sweet boy when we leave!

#3 Is he a drug baby?

ANSWER: As much as I love God and a christian and strive to love the lord better daily, I am still human. This is just rude to ask anyone ever, at any point in the history of ever. So please try not to offend anyone else and don’t ask this.

#4 Why did you name him Foster?

ANSWER: I wish I had some awesome profound story here but just being real about a year ago I saw a sunglasses commercial and the designers name was Foster and I have loved it ever since.

#5 How much did this adoption cost?

ANSWER: $35,090 to the penny

#6 Why were you not able to use the money raised from the Czech Republic adoption?

ANSWER: Great question! When you sign up with an agency you sign a contract with them so any money that is sent to them, is for THAT adoption. We have a ton of money raised from the Czech Republic Adoption but it is all locked in our agency and we have no access to it. However we are still going through with that adoption so when the time comes and we receive a referral then Tyler, Foster and I will be ready to go meet our other child  in the Czech Republic which will be an amazing 9 week adventure of staying in country with our new child and Foster’s brother or sister!

#7 What about Kamoga?

ANSWER: Kamoga is our first love. We will ALWAYS fight for him. Nothing will ever change that. This process in Africa is just A LOT different than it is here and we don’t know what the out come will be but we still have his pictures scattered around our house and a picture in Fosters room so he knows he has a brother. We still get updates and are still working to make that happen. Things are just on hold for this next few weeks to get us adjusted to his brother Foster:)

#8 What city are you in FL?

ANSWER: This one is tricky, we KNOW everyone is asking with good intentions and we are sure it is only to show us MORE love however since we announced what was going on last week, these posts have reached over 60,000 people and I can’t be positive THEY all have good intentions. There have been a few post here and there where I forgot to turn the “location” off so it’s out there and if it is someone we know, feel free to PM me and I will happily tell people now. Just want to be sure we know them:) MAMA bear has def come out and protective over my boy.

#9 I want to get you a baby gift what do you need?

ANSWER: FIRST OF ALL–you friends are amazing for even offering to buy us a gift after SOOOO many of you literally WITHOUT question rallied around my husband and I and donated to help financially. Words will never describe what that means. Not the dollar amount but the love and the heart you have for a little 12 day old boy you don’t know who IS having a rough start to life. For a 27 years old couple that has waited so long to get the “Mom and Dad” title. For a family who truly needed the help. We were scared to death when we said yes knowing the price tag that came with that YES. As soon as all of the adoption auction invoices are paid I will tell you the total amount that has been raised and It is so humbling and amazing. My sister is going to throw a small shower together for us when we get home so we went and registered at Target. As far as diaper/wipe/bath products. We are going with “The Honest Company” products for now. Everything has to be really consistent so I just don’t want anyone to waist any money on a different brand (I hate being so picky on this, sorry guys) I am hoping this link will take you to the registry. I don’t know how this stuff works..lol


#10 I wanted to donate next week when I get paid, how do I do that?

ANSWER: AMAZING! that would be AMAZING! Although we have raised a TON of money, adoption is costly. Whatever isn’t raised Tyler and I of course will just be making monthly payments on so please don’t think that we have to give our son back. However taking out a personal loan for $35,000 is NO joke and the bank knows it so those payment are high! lol

Here is the paypal link that any donations can be made to, IT will go into the paypal account and then I will deposit into an account for the loan. Also please know how much those $5, $10 and $20 donations help. They ALL help!

PayPal Link (the email will be mckeec87@yahoo.com,  you can also just go to paypal.com and “send” the donation as well)


#11 What is his ethnicity?

ANSWER: Our little dark headed guy is half hispanic/half caucasian and 100% perfect!

I think that covers all the questions I can think of but again please feel free to ask:)

I can say Thank You a thousand times and I can imagine you could all truly know how thankful we are for your love and support and prayers and patience. This has been a long road and we have arrived…man it feels good. I can’t wait for you all to get to watch Foster grow and see the little boy that you ALL helped be part of a family.

Thank you for loving us all so much.

Love, CZ

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