+Let us see you//2015+


If You saw me post this picture you would probably assume that I was in a good mood, happy and enjoying my (lipstick) filled day.  What you wouldn’t see is how I woke up in a FUNK, sad, feeling down and out and on the verge of tears.  You wouldn’t see the brat I was being or the fit I was throwing. You would see what I wanted you to see. In 2015 lets throw away all comparison, let’s get rid of the picture perfect (fake) life, envy. Let’s not look at the “likes” or “comments”  and lets be lifters!

We all have good in our lives.

Let’s let the Jesus come out of us and not the jealousy. Lord life me up and not be torn down. Let’s share your love like it’s trendy, because it never goes out of style.

Let us see the beauty in the hidden.

Let us see the light in the dark.

Let us see the YOU in it all.

Let us see you.

Love, CZ

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