+Take Off+

We slowly moved closer and closer while planes followed behind us. One would full speed ahead take off down the run way until it neared the end and the it would slowly lift off. The wheels would come up and the wings took over. Then we would scoot up a little closer..

I sat in my seat looking out the window to a dark sky and nothing but blinking lights on the wings of the planes across the runway that were waiting in line behind to take off to their destination as well.

This weekend I went to an adoptive mom retreat called Created for Care that takes place in Georgia. I was surround by 449 other adoptive and foster moms motivated by a love for children, love for Christ and a call to take action. We talked a lot about our babies, we worshipped, we cried over mamas in waiting and dreamed BIG about what God has planned for the future.

But you know what–I think it was all tied together with a bow when I was sitting on that runway waiting for take off. I had my worship music in my headphones, my bible in my purse, tears in my eyes and a line to wait in. I thought about how we truly do all wait. Not just for adoption but for everything. There is a preparation that takes place and is key in fulfillment when we are preparing for God to do his works and our callings.

To get where we are going, isn’t it crucial to know where we are? I was talking to another adoptive mama this weekend telling her that before April 16, 2013, I was treading water-I was half in-

That night sitting on my couch a love for Jesus came alive in my heart like I never knew was possible and since that day I have a hunger that I didn’t even know was missing. It’s a love that you never get tired of, a love that you can’t get enough of.

As I sat at Gate 18 waiting to board my plane I was reading in my bible and came across this… “Even if I testify on my own behalf, my testimony is valid, for I know where I came from and where I am going.” John 8:12

Had you asked me 2 years ago what my life would look like, what my life is now is about the furthest from that. I could have never dreamed that I would have Foster and waiting on and fighting hard for my son in Africa. I could never have dreamed my husband would be the dad he is. I have never seen a person step up the plate like he has in our marriage and being a dad.

I feel like God was standing there with ALL these amazing gifts for me and he was on his tip toes in front of me saying to himself, “Just be all in Casey, if you could see how amazing things are about to get it would be so less scary. I am here..right HERE ready to catch you. I won’t let you fall. You won’t be alone”

I feel like he was standing there with squinted eyes thinking, “Pleeeease just let go and let me take over, because there are two little boys whose paths that will be astronomically different based on this very moment, the moment you decide to be all in”

I could never have imagine. I cold never have foreseen what was coming. I am so glad HE could.

At some point we have to know where we come from to get where we are going. We have to prepare our hearts and be all in.

I sat there on that runway with tears in my eyes because the next time I would be taking off from that very airport, from Atlanta, Georgia..I would lifting off to go be with my son in Africa. I would be on my way to look in to his eyes and tell him, “We came back. We didn’t forget him. That we told the world about him and he is known. How much we love him. ”

That moment would have never happened had I held on to fear and not jumped in. We all want things and we have places we are going but to get to those places there is a process of preparation..

I looked at the plane across the run way.

Full speed ahead.

Wheels up.

Wings out.

Take off.


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