Press play and enjoy.

I have been wanting to blog this for what seems like forever but that thing called life keeps getting in the way and a very active 6 month old. Love that little guy.

As you know, or you might not..but our adoption journey started about 2 years ago when God started stirring something fierce in my heart for the orphan, for the fatherless, for the child that needed a mom and dad. You might already know those things–what you you might not know is that he wasn’t stirring those things in my husbands heart.

My husband and I have always been on the same page for what we wanted for the future. Some people always knew adoption would be apart of their future and you talked about it while you were still dating..however, we weren’t one of those couples.

We knew we wanted kids right away but for us those plans didn’t include adoption. Over time and through struggles I slowly started to realize that God was setting adoption at my footsteps like a gift, waiting with all of his might and hope that I might accept it with open arms.. I started speaking with my husband what was stirring in my heart and it just wasn’t it in his at the time. I began praying that my husband would want to adopt as well. That he would see the lives we could be apart of the beautifully woven stories of redemption that we could walk through.

He just didn’t see it. At this point my fear moved from my husband not wanting to adopt to a place of being worried for a  marriage because our hearts were in different places. Then it hit me..

Pray a different prayer.

So that’s exactly what I started to do, I shifted my prayer from, “God make my desires, his desires” To “God just put us back on the same page”…whatever that might be.

You know how the rest of the story goes..We took a break from trying to have biological kids to go to Africa for a month and mountains moved for my husband and he was all in. and now we have our son Foster.

I was telling someone the other day that every single morning when Tyler sees foster in the morning he says, “Did you get a little cuter? I think I fell in love with you a little more..” It is THE sweetest things ever. We cannot imagine our lives without this little boy.

The moral of this story is that that God puts things on all of our hearts, that doesn’t always mean they are the same things or at the same time. It is so important to truly let God be the driver in our lives, the one that leads…We are human so we will always try to push but we must try to refrain..

Adoption seems to be so specific in this. What are the chances that God places adoption at both of our hearts at the exact same time. My husband got there but it just took a little more time.

Be patient friends, While we watch the minutes tick on the clock God is working for us, for our marriages, our kids and our lives..He is working in the little moments that make up the biggest moments.

Every train has a caboose

Every caboose is just a few gaps behind

Every Gap eventually closes

With love,


2 thoughts on “+Caboose+

  1. This really resonated with me! You’re an amazing writer and such an inspiration. I am so grateful and thankful that our paths crossed! Thanks for the reminder that God’s timing is worth waiting for.

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