+ To the mama with no baby +

Today I sit on the other side of the world from my son on Mothers Day. But by the Grace of God, I AM A MOM.

I waited years for this. I sit here and think of how I am a mom and I immediately get taken back to a moment that I wasn’t even a part of, the moment where another mom gave birth to her son. I wouldn’t know if for 4 days but I was a mom, the moment I have spent years waiting, crying, hoping and praying for was 4 days away. If I could just hold on a little longer! It’s like now I can look back and see God almost hunched over and on the edge trying to whisper to me…”just hold a little longer because Im about to blow your mind.”

But we don’t know that, right?

I remember years prior on Mothers Day without Foster, I would stay off of social media and honestly just be sad. One of the hardest things is to be a mom with no baby. THAT DOES EXIST! And friends, its hard.

It’s a reminder all around us, that today let’s celebrate the MOMS (or to the moms with no baby home) it FEELS like, Let’s point out the obvious of how I am not a mom.

The world is not against you I promise, but I totally get it.

I am not here to tell you how Gods timing is perfect (we know that), I am not here to tell you your time is coming, or anything like that.

I am simply and humbly here to tell you that I know it hurts, its sad and just know that this mama loves you and your waiting mama heart.

Just know that your not alone. I am here and always willing to give you a high five for being amazing in the wait, or even give you a high five if you are miserably failing in the wait. Your still doing it and that’s all that matters. I am here to tell you that you ARE NOT alone.

More than anything I want you to know we are BOTH moms. You and me.

You are just a mama with no baby and God doesn’t take that lightly and when you feel pain he feels pain and he is always working to mend your heart.

He is here

I am here

We are in this together

And God does He love us

With love,

From one mama to another.

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