+BIG NEWS for the BABS+

Gosh I am excited to be writing this and sharing some news!

I would love to take a minute and talk to you about my sister. For my entire life she has ALWAYS done everything possible to be present and available for me. She gives me her clothes, would buy me fun school supplies when I was young, stood up for, mailed me HUGE boxes of presents when I lived in TN,  has always supported me and been my biggest cheerleader and seriously supported us with helping while we fund raised for our adoption! So it is my complete honor to now be able to be HER biggest cheerleader!

She is now and has been in my same boat for a long time. Her and her husband have been trying to become pregnant for almost 3 years now, they have done everything financially in their means to become pregnant and have a little one of their own. I have had to watch her month after month for 3 years heartbroken but never for one second was she not happy for person after friend after sister that brought babies into theirs lives. She loved on them the same.

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She has loved on each and everyone of them even though she longed to be a mom herself. So after 3 years Mike and Heather have decided to take the next step. I. V. F. <—–WOO HOO! As much as they did NOT want to have to fundraise, at the end of the day IVF is so expensive and they can’t do it alone, and afterall God doesn’t ask us to do this alone, he gives us amazing community and love and he gives us PEOPLE that will rally around families when they humble themselves and ask for help. So here I am and I asking you to help if you can. Any small donation or purchase helps! It truly does, if you can give $5 PLEASE DO and PLEASE know how appreciative our family is! We love all of these sweet babies but now it’s their turn to be parents!


I mean SERIOUSLY, How lucky is this sweet baby going to be to have these awesome parents. #forreal

IVF comes with a lot of medication and medical procedures that cost A LOT of money so here we are and hoping we gain support. The Babineauxs have started a GoFundMe account and there goal is to raise $15k which will help with a lot of the fees! These fees also come quickly, so they can only move as fast as they have they have the funds to move forward with each step so we are on a time crunch here as well. We are starting with a t-shirt fundraiser that will last 10 DAYS! Its a fun a t-shirt that says “Live a life that’s Grandiose” Grandiose meaning extravagant, impressive, magnificent and awe inspiring. Wouldn’t it be so awesome for Jesus to see that we are living a life that’s Grandiose when he sacrificed so much for US to do exactly that!


The shirts come in sizes Kids Youth M,L and Adult S-XXL , they will look exactly like the one pictured. You will have 10 days to buy them and the order will be placed at the end of the 10 days! They are $30 each INCLUDING shipping. The Go Fund Me link below is where you will buy them. We wanted to make a Go Fund Me link so everyone could see how BIG God is moving for this family! Make a Donation (of the shirt amount) and in the comments of how many shirts and sizes 🙂 PLEASE make sure to leave that information for us:)

Here is the Go Fund Me link that you will go to and purchase a shirt or if you would like to just donate ANY amount but don’t necessarily want a shirt that would be amazing as well, you will be able to leave a comment of any kind or be anonymous if that’s what you would like 🙂

http://www.gofundme.com/vff2x6x <—- Buy shirts and donate HERE!!!!

These two girls have always wanted to be moms, I have been blessed with our Foster and now it’s her turn!


This is not a blog to make you feel guilty for not donating and we truly know that everyone has struggles and things they are personally dealing with, so if you can help great and if not we would love your prayers. We would also love for you to share share share!!! We are so excited about this next step for my sister and her husband, would you join us in making these AWESOME people PARENTS!!!!!!!


With love,
CZ (on behalf of Heather and Mike) ❤

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