Congrats Jessica and Ben!

I have loved this sweet family from the very start! They began their journey with CAC on October 29, 2014 with hearts ready to add a new little one to their family! They fully trusted God through this adoption journey! They became home study ready on January 14,2015 and met their son about 7 weeks later!

Mid-January they were finally home study ready and so excited to start seeing adoption situations. They would pray over each one that came along. Finally we received a situation that would need a really special family, Sweet Roman was was a preemie born at just 27 weeks 4 days gestation. He would need a strong family to be by his side until he was healthy enough to head home! That family happened to be the Ben and Jessica!


While Ben and Jessica were presenting so other situations, God knew HIS plan for them and for Roman, their little boy was already born and would soon be brought to all of our attention! The last week of February I learned of baby Roman and immediately reached out to Ben and Jessica. They knew there were risks with Roman being so premature but they did their research, prayed about it and said YES to him being their son!

13168_1575200359385393_5335015543146862272_n   11116591_10204112367638811_6492443148673753885_n11161354_10204112374238976_7179282335831246337_nThey were so in love with him when they finally got to meet him!! This was the baby that was meant to be in their home! They stayed with him in the NICU another few weeks and endured a surgery in that time as well and throughout ever single part Roman was a fighter and did wonderful! He has now been home with his family a few months and is thriving and his sisters are loving life with a little brother!

11037711_10204525812814682_9003039221572862992_n10357447_10204227042465610_3036315093172831021_nAnd they were a family of 5! Meet sweet baby Roman!


If you would like to know more information about working with me and Christian Adoption Consultants please email me at Casey@christianadoptionconsultants.

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