+I am child of God, and so is she+

Nothing was special about this day, my son is almost 10 months old and it just took that long for me to have my “Ah Ha” moment.

I was driving down 105 listening to my worship music like I always do with Foster sound asleep in the back seat. Truly there was nothing special about this day, we had driven down this road 100 times before with the same worship songs playing and the same baby sounds asleep in the backseat but this song came on (one of my favorites) and Fosters birth mom came to my mind and I just suddenly became so overwhelmed with how much I love her. How much I see her. How much she doesn’t blend in to a crowd, to me. How I know her heart and I know her struggles. and Most of all How I know the Lord SEE’S her. He knows her heart as well. She and I are really no different. We are both Daughters of the King. We are both moms. We are both Fosters, mom. We always will be. Just because she decided to give me the honor of raising her son, she is still here and present and beautiful and a part of us.

Guys, another woman carried a baby for 9 months, she felt him move & grow. She delivered him and handed him over to another family because that’s what was best for him. The strength and courage. I mean TRULY the absolute strength that had to have taken is seriously not lost on me. Until I met Donna I had never met someone with that kind of heart.



I was driving down 105 and this song came on and I was overcome with appreciation for Donna. I was be so empty, sad and lonely with out my son. I am so thankful to serve a God that loves us the same and sees us the same.

Without her I wouldn’t have him.

I love her with my entire heart.




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