Jeremy and Courtney now Party of THREE!

This family is so cute. I mean they just are! I remember when I was designing their profile book that would be presented to expectant mamas I would look through all of their pictures thinking they are going to be such fun parents! That is one of my favorites things–designing profile books and taking a sneak peek into the lives of families growing their family through the gift of ADOPTION!

Jeremy and Courtney began their adoption journey with me and Christian Adoption Consultants on January 31st!

at the beach by the house

They immediately got started on their Home Study process while I began working on putting their profile book together! All of their books were printed and home study was complete early April! On April 20th we received an expectant mama with a baby boy due in 4 weeks that was looking to make an adoption plan. I presented the situation to Jeremy and Courtney and they decided they wanted to present!

Much to our surprise not only were they chosen by her BUT she also delivered the next day and soon after Jeremy and Courtney were rushing to go meet their son! They are now home with their sweet son and loving life as new parents!

file jun 13, 11 42 04 am

I have been so blessed to be a small part of Jeremy and Courtney’s Adoption Journey! Love seeing them as a family of THREE now! Email me at for more info!!

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