+Congrats Amanda and Seth+

I remember talking with Amanda for the first time and my heart completely understood where they were at in their journey to parenthood. They had been wanting to be parents for quite some time when a co-worker told Seth about their experience and that they had worked with an adoption consultant. On January 28 I learned of this incredibly sweet couple, Amanda and Seth. On February 25th they were ready to make the leap and start their adoption journey with me and CAC! They were on the ball from the very beginning. They had their home study completed as soon as they could and were ready to start applying to agencies and being presented mid-April. Much to our surprise about 3 weeks later I would present Amanda and Seth with an expectant mom that had just about 6 weeks left in her pregnancy. My day and theirs of course was completely made when we found out that this expectant mom chose Amanda and Seth to be the parents of this little one! A couple weeks went by and they had their son in their arms! They are currently on their way back home as a family of THREE! I would love it if you would keep them in your prayers as they are traveling home. Now meet this handsome little babe..

11695941_10207608543234569_161841702251987118_nI mean COME ON!!!! For the love of all things gorgeous, look at him. ❤ and here’s just a few more because this family is so beautiful.


11659413_10207608543434574_8149716695560781082_n    11222305_10207608543354572_7143095702880696784_n








Gosh guys, adoption is so beautiful! This sweet couple waited for years wanting to be parents and GOD knows the desires of our hearts and when the time is right and it was totally their time. Could not be any happier for them!

This is absolutely the reason I love this job so much! It gives me so much joy to see these families grow through the gift of adoption!

OH and I forgot to tell you, that co-worker that briefly talked with Seth about adoption happen to be my clients also and brought home a beautiful baby boy just a few months ago. I love this small tiny huge world of ours!

If you heart is being called to adopt or just to look into it more, I would love to chat with you! Feel free to email me anytime with questions casey@christianadoptionconsultants.com

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