+Pregnant and Adopting+

Meet Kate and Brett.
They are Pregnant and Adopting.


Here’s another one because aren’t they so cute?10410887_10102169200412165_922142366748129676_n

We first started talking adoption fall 2014 and Kate and I spoke several times talking about how the adoption process worked. The knew they wanted to be intentional with their marriage and really just focus on that and would start the adoption early 2015.

They did all the normal things that most people starting an adoption would do, they started with their home study and Kate started working on their profile book that would be presented to expectant mamas when the time comes.  Right around the beginning of March I received an EXCITING email from Kate! They were finishing up their home study AND she found out she was PREGNANT! This did not for one second make me think “Surely they won’t be adopting” in fact the first thing I thought was “YAY! your babies will be SUPER close in age!” Kate was equally excited and didn’t hesitate to say, “We absolutely still want to move forward with the adoption!” This adoption is something they feel in their heart is suppose to be a way they grow their family. She added a special section to the profile book talking about how they would be having a little one soon and how excited she was to welcome two little ones! It is a BIG misconception that people who adopt cannot conceive on their own which is entirely not true. For a lot of families adoption is just simply PLAN A! They continued with their fundraising and found a fun way to tell friends of their BIG news!


And here is Kate and her gorgeous growing belly while she still has a little one growing in her heart that they continue to pray about!


A little note from Kate herself: “When we first found out we were pregnant (the exact same day we FINALLY publicly announced our adoption plans, mind you), it was a bit of a take-your-breath-away moment. A moment that turned into several days, if we’re being honest here. But the reality of it all quickly surfaced when we realized two things: (1) The Lord had very clearly led us to adoption. (2) The Lord is the only sovereign King who can create an embryo. Period. We had no doubt about either of those things…it was the instant that we understood that these two things do not have to be mutually exclusive. They can co-exist! With JOY and with FEAR and with EXCITEMENT and with I-have-no-idea-how-to-do-this NERVES? Absolutely. Knowing that we are allowed to feel everything we feel and that He still wove every piece of this story together Himself was our relief. It was our freedom. Will some days be hard? Sure. But I’m pretty positive some days are hard regardless of how many kids you have.”


If you want to follow along Kate and Bretts adoption journey, find her on Instagram! @katewhitmore and if you want more info on Christian Adoption Consultants and Adopting email me

Casey@christianadoptionconsultants.com ❤

With love,


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