+The best gift you can give a Birth Mom+

We recently had one of my families match with a sweet birth mom that was younger and scared and very shy. When we first received the information on this potential adoption situation the birth mom was requesting a closed adoption and the agency would just collect letters and pictures over the years in case she ever changed her mind. When I told my family this they had hoped to be able to have a more open relationship but completely wanted to honor and respect the birth moms wishes. The agency asked the birth mom if she would be willing to meet them if they were able to get to the hospital in time.

I should mention this situation was very last minute and the baby was already born at the hospital when we got the call which is why they hadn’t previously been able to meet and bond.

The family drove the through the night and rushed to get to the hospital. They walked and and didn’t go directly to the baby or swoon over him. Instead, they walked in and immediately loved on a young mom whom they didn’t know. Christina and Patrick walked in that hospital with open arms and so much respect and love for this young birth mom. After some time and meeting and talking this AMAZING birth mom realized that Christina and Patrick truly wanted her to be apart of this family and wanted to be able to love her as well. She walked in that hospital with the thought of leaving without her son but instead she walked out of that hospital with entire new family that loved her so well.

To have an adoptive family love a birth mom so beautifully that she is now open to an open adoption and that relationship, is so wonderful. They made her feel loved and welcome and now she will always know how baby Frankie is growing.

I always have my adoptive families asking what to get a birth mom? The BEST gift we can give them is open arms and love.

My family plans on meeting with their son’s BM before they head back home as a family of FIVE!

Meet baby Frankie

With love,


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