+Adoption Story: Twin love+

I have been SO excited to blog about this Christian Adoption Consultants Family of mine turned Social media/text friend hopefully to turn REAL life FRIEND one day!

Meet Rachel and Michael and their little ones London and Hudson (this was pre-twins)

10387467_10105717075925863_7315478173526587199_nAnd here’s another:

1463999_10103826284666703_33768737_nMichael and Rachel started mid 2014. From our very first conversation Rachel spoke about twins, how she has had twins on her heart for a long time. As time went on they became home study ready and were eventually to the stage of being ready to start looking at potential adoption situations. In November we received a situation for twins that Rachel and Mike planned on presenting to but at the same time at another agency was a sweet young expectant mama that fell in love with Rachel and Mike and for a few different reason they felt as though they should move forward with her! They were MATCHED and it was SO exciting. Rachel and Mike had open arms to love this expectant mama and her family and were excited to grow a relationship! A few months passed by and as a BIG surprise and a hard and sad time the expectant mom delivered early and the baby swiftly went into the arms of Jesus. My heart hurt so bad knowing what Rachel, Mike and this expectant mom were all going through. Adoption is so beautiful and this job, it’s pretty incredible but guys adoption has a lot of hard, raw, broken and sad in it also. Jesus doesn’t tell us there won’t be hard times he just lets us know that when they DO come and they will that he is HERE, PRESENT and will restore and heal us.

He did just that.

March 6 was a BIG DAY. I sent an email to Rachel with a hopeful heart knowing her’s was still healing and simply said TWINS!


Sometimes when our families are healing it’s my job to be their advocate and tread lightly as to not rush them to move on and I knew when I got this email that Rachel would be excited. I emailed it to her and then immediately sent her a text making sure she saw it! As if having two little ones at home a booming photography business, adopting and experiencing a failed adoption, Rachel was also opening a COFFEE Shop (Where are my coffee lovers at?)

The Seed Boca was born




So the coffee shop opened and we got the BEST NEWS EVER. Expectant Mama E felt that Rachel, Mike, London and Hudson were the perfect family to place her twins with. IT was such an amazing day and time. Over the next few months Rachel began to prepare for the arrival of the twins and though E went TWO WEEKS past her delivery date she so courageously and beautifully delivered beautiful boy/girl twins.

Meet Quinn and Coss



Their big brother and big sister couldn’t be prouder!


In the midst of their adoption journey when the waiting got hard and they experienced a baby passing away I remember Rachel emailing me a little bummed and said, “I feel like I have abandoned my twin dream” Here’s the thing though God knows the desires of our heart but he needs us to surrender to HIS plan and not be so stuck on our own. Rachel and Mike had the opportunity to say yes to present to twins all those months back but something about a very young expectant mama pulled on their hearts and God might have  known exactly what that mama needed even if just for a short time to know how loved and strong she was–

A family of 4 is now a family of 6.

Seeing how complete and happy this family is makes my heart swell.

Adoption is so beautiful friends and God’s stories are so perfectly written.


If you want to follow along Rachel and her gorgeous new family of 6 check her out here


If you want to check out her coffee shop go here:


AND if you want to be apart of the AMAZING adoption social networking community Mike and Rachel are building, be apart of something awesome and check that out here:


If you want more information on CAC or adopting email me:


With lots of love,


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