+Caroline and Keith+

This sweet couple has a special place in my heart. They have been through the trenches and felt heartbreak, they now have their baby girl in their arms and couldn’t be happier!

Caroline and Keith started with me and Christian Adoption Consultants back in April and I was so excited to review and look through their beautiful profile book that they created. They were always so proactive in their adoption journey and had already started and were half way through with their home study.

10606316_10206915951037731_2214526872013961161_nHow cute are they?

They immediately started reviewing situations. At the end of May we received a situation that I reviewed and then sent on to Caroline and Keith. They reviewed it and felt a connection and decided they wanted to present! The REALLY exciting part was “M” was only a few weeks out from having the baby! On May 28th I got the BEST email from Caroline,

“M” Chose US!

We were all SO excited, I emailed Caroline information on talking with “M” for the first time and how to proceed moving forward. Hoping to prepare them as much as possible and support them with anything they needed.

Unfortunately God had different plans and this would end up being a disappointment for Caroline and Keith. When we all realized that Caroline and Keith wouldn’t be coming home with this sweet baby, the agency and I immediately went into protection mode and trying to reassure and protect them as much as possible.

After grieving this loss and deciding to move forward, soon after Caroline and Keith had the chance to review another situation, BM “D” was looking to make an adoption plan for her little girl. Caroline and Keith took a leap and presented and “D”! On July 1st I received the best email from Caroline again:

“D” Chose US!

So we all hung in tight and just a little over 5 weeks later they met their daughter because of the courageous and amazing decision “D” made! She made them parents and they are so grateful!

Please help me welcome, Jane.



Adoption isn’t always easy.

Actually if I am being honest, adoption is almost never easy but we serve a God that is constantly looking to protect us even when he knows that heartbreak is looming close by. He immediately goes into recovery mode to mend our hearts. HE is always working to love us a little more..

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With Lots of Love,


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