+Zaruba, party of FOUR+

I am SO excited to finally tell y’all our exciting news!

Let me back up. We never really had to think about how we would grow our family for our second child because we just always KNEW it would be Kamoga. Well in May we were hit with a ton of bricks when reality struck after a full investigation was done hearing that Kamoga was not going to be able to be adopted after all. My heart broke, it still does. His canvas photos are hanging in our hall way next to Fosters and his pictures cover our side tables as though he is in our daily lives. We started praying hard over the last months over growing our family knowing we wanted Foster and his brother or sister close in age. About 2 months ago we made the decision to try to get pregnant with fertility treatments. We were both excited about the thought of experiencing pregnancy but we both had reservations with our whole heart not being IN it. However this was the cheaper option over another adoption so we moved forward!

We went to fertility appointments, had all the blood work done, all the tests ran, all the appointments made and a small surgery I had to had which was the final step before starting the treatments. 3 days before the surgery Tyler and I were sitting in our master bedroom on the floor playing with Foster and Tyler just blurts out, “I want to adopt again”

“Say What” -me

He goes on to tell me how he feels like our whole hearts are in adoption. That our son is adopted, I work in the adoption field and we have fully embraced and fallen in love with the adoption community. He tells me that he feels that we are choosing to get pregnant for financial reasons when we would both rather adopt, how we truly are 100% okay with not having biological children and WANT to adopt.

So the voice of reason that I am, I bring up the costs difference between the two. And without thinking twice he says, ” Every big decision we have made our biggest fear were the finances but we still pushed forward. We went to Africa and spent a month, we moved last minute and adopted. Ever single time God has completely been faithful and provided for us, why wouldn’t he now?”

BAM! (in my face)


Of course I am jumping up and down. I immediately felt so much peace guys. So I called and cancelled my surgery, she asked if I wanted to re-schedule and I happily told her, NO.

So here we are just a mom and a dad and a sweet little tan Foster….searching for our Zaruba number FOUR.

So to answer a few questions I assume are coming:

– Everyone just assumes we want a girl now but we are not putting ANY borders on this adoption we want to be fully open to God’s plan for our family

-How soon? I don’t know! Our home study will be updated in about 3 weeks and then we wait for the baby that is meant to be in our family to be revealed!

-Will this baby be newborn? Yes, we are doing another domestic infant adoption

-Will this baby be in Florida also, like Foster? Don’t know, could be from anywhere in the nation!

-Is it too soon since Foster is only 11 months old? We don’t think so, I think every family knows when they are bonded and ready to grow their family again.

We will be doing some fundraising for this adoption but Tyler and I plan on trying to fund as much of this adoption as possible. We love you all and you have shown our family more love then we could have ever possibly imagined. We hope that you will follow along as we search for our number Four.

With love,

Casey, Tyler, Foster and our future little one.

@zarubalife on Instagram

@caseyzaruba on periscope

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