+Holly, Matthew and 2 new baby girls+

You know how I am with pictures so this blog post might have a lot and when I say it “might” I mean it will.

Meet Holly, Matthew and their two boys!


And just one more because…


They started their adoption journey along time ago and experienced two heart breaking failed adoptions. Holly is one of us and part of this amazing adoption community, each time we all lifted her in prayer but I can’t imagine how her mama heart had to be broken along with Matthew and the boys. It is so important to know how to grieve WITH these families knowing that whether they meet the baby or not before the failure the family has the mind set of a new baby coming into their family.

This family experienced both failures before starting with Me and Christian Adoption Consultants on August 7th. YES 20 days ago- Holly and I immediately started talking agencies, profile books, printing profile books, feedback on the agencies and ready to start looking at situations when a friend told her about these twin baby girls needed a forever home. Holly inquired and from that point on we walked through each conversation and step together. My phone was glued to me in case she called with more updates, needing advice or just to talk over the risks and options. I felt like a protective mama bear over this family wanting to protect them from any more heartache. We took our time and walked through each conversation examining each detail.

Finally Holly jumped on a plane, had a lot of faith and went to meet her daughters. I anxiously waited all day until I finally received this picture.


When I was standing in the mile long Chipotle line and my phone beeped and this picture came up I could have squealed I was so excited. But instead I jut sent her this, “lots of love from me and Foster to you and your new baby girls!”


This is the best job in the world.

Holly has been with the girls for a while and last night her husband was finally able to fly in and meet the girls!



The boys are SO excited to have baby sisters 🙂


And now to meet Etta Louise and Cecilia “CeCe” Pearl

11880502_10153535211196800_8587062922920121442_n 11899754_10153535353256800_2771367317674963417_n

Every Adoption stories has it’s ups and downs but God is so faithful and if He calls you to it He will complete it.

If you would like to follow along Holly and her new family check her out here:


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With LOTS of love,

Casey Zaruba

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