+Sweet Jubliee+

I began speaking with Sarah and her husband Zach early this year about them starting their adoption journey. Right from the get go I saw something so special in Sarah, a fierce determination to be a mom and lean into Jesus while doing it. Seeing her love for the Lord is something that is infectious … More +Sweet Jubliee+

I don’t know if everyone knows this but before I worked in the adoption field I actually worked in the medical field in the surgery department specifically. I use to assist the surgeons during surgery and it was all really cool but my whole heart is adoption and sharing the gospel. One thing that the … More

+Nesting in Adoption+

Yesterday I had one of my sweet clients email me saying that they sent everything in for their home study and she was telling me how EXCITED she was about moving forward. She mentioned feeling silly but really wanted to buy something for the baby just because it was getting REAL. I immediately wrote¬† back … More +Nesting in Adoption+