+Nesting in Adoption+

Yesterday I had one of my sweet clients email me saying that they sent everything in for their home study and she was telling me how EXCITED she was about moving forward. She mentioned feeling silly but really wanted to buy something for the baby just because it was getting REAL.

I immediately wrote  back and said “Go buy it”

With Pregnancy you have a more specific time frame of when the baby will be here and can prepare throughout. While walking in adoption you don’t know a time frame or usually whether you are preparing for a girl or a boy!

There is something I want to tell you though… NEST AWAY! This is part of the adoption journey for US! For the moms that grow their family through adoption this is a part of the process that you deserve to enjoy and experience. Don’t be nervous or scared of the unknowns. Buy the crib, get the cute baby carrier you want and go stroll the target baby aisles like you OWN THEM.

I did.

You should too.

In the “waiting” for our baby to arrive through the courageous decision of another woman we can dream big and prepare our homes. I bought this book while we were waiting for our baby and I LOVE it! It is not a baby inspired nesting book, it is just a home nesting/decorating book but I not only wanted to prepare a room for the baby, I wanted to prepare my entire home!

11923368_10208039090797989_1727016620_n 11938051_10208039090597984_1270420376_n

Go buy that one baby item you have been looking at for years.

Go buy the baby book that you read as a child

Go roam the aisles

It’s okay to be a little vulnerable and a little scared and a little unsure. That is adoption but, it is also okay to be A LOT excited as well 🙂

Some people have last minute adoptions and don’t get to “NEST” until they come home like @Christinamvance

And when waiting for the babies to arrive it’s important to remember the other kids in the house are apart of this process and awaiting also like @eade sweet Daughter while waiting for their twins to arrive!


We all wait and we all NEST in different ways the BIG thing to remember here is that it’s okay to do it.

If you are interested in learning more about Christian Adoption Consultants and adoption please email me at


With love,


5 thoughts on “+Nesting in Adoption+

  1. Thank you so much for this post. It made me feel so much better for setting up a nursery before being matched. I appreciate the encouragement.

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