+Just the two of us+

When I type in that title I immediately want to starting singing the song. Come on you know the one…

“Juuust the two of us, we can make if we try..”

But that is beside the point today I want to talk about one REALLY special mama I had the pleasure of working with to bring her little one home. Rachel and I began talking at the end of June about her being ready to be a mama! I KNEW that drive and heart she had to be a mom and I couldn’t wait to get started with her and be a small part of her journey.

By the end of August the home study was complete and I started sending Rachael situations to begin looking over. After reviewing a lot and putting her heart our there for a few and them turning out to not be the right situation, we figured out why December came around! Gods plan for Rachael becoming a mom showed itself in that month when the right situation DID came along and Rachael was MATCHED! She had a sweet and beautiful baby boy join her family a few months later.

One REALLY special thing about Rachael I forgot to mention is that she adopted as a single mom! So often I get emails from single women just ready to be a mom and I see it in them, that mom grit and they are determined but a little discouraged thinking no expectant mom would chose them. Let me tell you friends, that is not the case. God wrote a beautiful story for Rachael and her son Koen and he can do the exact same thing for you.

Now to meet this amazing mama and her son, Koen.

11954684_1165724090109076_1247588255892935160_n 11947421_1165723446775807_676831871931094125_n 11923608_1165734823441336_6728481558148829454_n 11903893_1165727940108691_8749900450302377504_n11904677_1165730536775098_1411742570416667810_n

Now go on and feel all the feels and have a great Saturday

If you want to know more about Adoption and using Christian Adoption Consultants you can email me at Casey@christianadoptionconsultants.com

With love,


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