+We are growing by one, SOON+

Okay Okay I will spill the beans. But truly I had nothing to tell until today.

A few weeks ago I called one of the Adoption Attorneys that we work with because one of my clients is matched with one of her expectant mamas. We had a great conversation about work and then I said, “Oh Hey by the way Tyler and I are adopting again so I will be sending you our profile book and home study” She then followed it up with, “Oh really! Well I actually have an expectant mom I am wanting to match that might be a perfect fit!”

Of course my ears perked up. So a few days went by, a few emails and then we received the situation with a picture of the expectant mom which I fully didn’t need but immediately I recognized how beautiful she was..

We read through everything and decided we would present our profile book for her to look at to see if she might think we were the best fit for her little one.

I sent our book overnighted and my friend Shauna picked it up because she lives SUPER close by which was a whole other God story. Shauna said she cried looking at the book then prayed over it before dropping it off, THESE are the kind of friends you pray you find.

So the expectant mom picked the book up Friday and took it home and looked at it over the weekend. I was a nervous wreck all weekend, I bet I looked over every inch of that book 700 times. Monday morning came around and we waited to hear if she liked us! That evening we heard from the attorney that she really liked our book and wanted to talk on the phone. YAY!!!! (Nervous wreck all over again) So then we set up a time to call Tuesday morning after we dropped Foster off. She went up to the office and then they called us, it went so GREAT!!!!! We all talked for about 30 minutes and she said that she would love to meet us just to know for sure we were the right family for her baby boy. I so respect his mama, she has the MOST FIERCE love imaginable for her baby and it showed with every word that left her mouth.

She wanted to know every detail and had specific questions and she is a protector and I loved every bit of hearing everything she had to say. So then, we booked a flight for Jacksonville for 5 days later which is why we are here!! The fact that this baby and mama are in Jacksonville are by total chance. I would have gone anywhere to find our next baby but God had different plans-

So this morning I got to have breakfast with two of my favorite people ever (Nikki and Shauna) and then I ran to Shauna house changed clothes and headed to the office to meet this mama.

I was a NERVOUS WRECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then expectant mama “P”, Birth Father “J” and the grandmother came in… We had lunch, shed tears, talked about fears, the future, communication, how I couldn’t relate to her but how I could see how much she loved this baby and a need to know that the baby would be protected.

Then we left and went to a 4D ultrasound and I died all over again. For an hour we got to see this sweet baby moving in his mama’s stomach, his features, his toes and fingers and a ton of pictures.

After the 4D ultrasound we all walked out after getting to spend 4 hours together which was amazing and we all took a picture THEN “P” looked at me (When we were all standing there) and said “J” and I talked and because I am having a C-section I can only have 1 person in the delivery room and we want it to be you.

And then we saw this…

baby boy ultrasound

…….I have nothing, I am slayed, I am forever grateful, I want to cry. I told her how this was a dream come true for me and possibly not ever getting to experience birth and getting to watch a child that I would be adopting being born was priceless in my eyes. Nothing could ever replace that. I told her how I knew these were her and “J” moments with the baby and that was the most selfless decisions ever and that I loved them both.

P and J

SO here we are about to have another baby in 5 WEEEEEEEEEEEEEKS! 

You read that right. 5 weeks, we are adding to our family.

Oh and one other small detail I left out, we are welcoming another BABY BOY into our family and we couldn’t be any happier!


We have a lot of funds that are going to be due within the next few days to make this happen and we were FLOODED with love with Fosters adoption so we totally understand if you aren’t able to help but if you are PLEASE KNOW every tiny itsy bitsy donation truly helps. We have a lot to prepare for in 5 weeks and are so appreciative of all of the support, financial contributions and prayers. We wouldn’t be able to do this without you all! Here is our GoFundMe link if you feel led to help in any way and we are about to go crazy on Grant applications as well!

With love,

Tyler, Casey, Foster and ______

(We are keeping the name a secret until we talk with the Expectant mom and make sure she approves)

DONATE HERE!!!!!!!!!! (Go Fund Me link)

OR Donate via Papal with “friends and Family” and I won’t get hit with any fees.


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