+Sweet Jubliee+

I began speaking with Sarah and her husband Zach early this year about them starting their adoption journey. Right from the get go I saw something so special in Sarah, a fierce determination to be a mom and lean into Jesus while doing it. Seeing her love for the Lord is something that is infectious and it is all so beautiful.

I sit here and write this as fall is starting to settle in and leaves are falling on my back deck I can’t help to see the beauty in broken places. I see the Lord show up in the hard moments and hard places such as adoption. Sarah and her husband came into this process knowing things might not always be easy but also knowing they serve a Lord that is gracious, beautiful and repairs the broken.

1255495_10153524398579636_4000305735340634282_n 1623507_10153747908124636_3887823146258046284_n

They began their home study as I worked on their profile book praying everyday for the expectant mom that would they would soon meet. After a few months they received a situation about Birth Mom “J” they read over everything and Sarah sent me an email that said “Pray for us, we are presenting.”

I immediately wrote her back saying, “SO exciting! Sending prayers from Texas”

Making that first leap is not easy guys, you feel so vulnerable hoping the expectant mom likes you and what you have to offer to this sweet baby.

A few days later we got the BEST NEWS, as it turns out BM “J” loved them and wanted to move forward with them!

A few short weeks later Jubilee Grace made her debut and they were in love.


12009647_10153747668739636_1174710457660905758_n 12043143_10153752649349636_7857732846188744503_nThe thing about Adoption is fear will always loom, there will always be uncertainty but it is so important to remember we serve a God that heals all hearts and protects all of his children. He knows the outcome and He has a plan.

You are not alone.


Welcome to the world sweet baby girl, you are so loved by so many.

If you would like more information on adoption or Christian Adoption Consultants please email me at


With love,

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