+CONGRATS Jacob and Taylor+

This summer I had the pleasure of connecting with a an awesome couple who felt God leading them to grow their family through adoption. We talked about the process and they were ready to jump in with both feet. They were so proactive in their adoption journey, got the home study done, I completed the profile book and soon after they were ready to start seeing situations.

Meet Jacob and Taylor

1003032_10151606594250678_865357434_n 1234976_10151658685840678_1718721688_n

They began with CAC in June and by the first of August they were home study and profile book ready. Well SHORTLY after we heard about a situation just a few hours away from them about a sweet baby boy that would be arriving just a month later. They were a little worried about the timing and being SO soon, they prayed about it and jumped in feet first and with their whole heart.

Just a few weeks later they got to meet the expectant mom the day before the scheduled C-section and they talked about how beautiful it was and how much courage she showed. She even mentioned how when the baby was born that the birth mom actually comforted THEM and made them feel 100% comfortable.

It was all so amazing.

Then I FINALLY got to see the sweetest little face.

Meet Ephraim and all his chunky goodness..

12032918_10153061902817327_253149672274939061_o12038530_10153197335050678_1473415204376975269_n 12095183_10153203985165678_218366038486708570_oThings moved quick but God completely equipped them love this boy to the max.

They are now home and enjoying life as a family of THREE right before the Holidays start rolling in..

12011339_10153189365545678_7673329614513746872_n 12002315_10153179866455678_8001976194750747865_n 11217554_10153205650945678_32570451031206414_nWith love,

If you would like more information about Christian Adoption Consultants email me at Casey@christianadoptionconsultants.com

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