+Congrats Janelle and John+

I had the pleasure of getting to know John and Janelle toward the end of June when they jumped with both feet and said YES to growing their family through adoption! I was so excited to work with this family, right from the very beginning Janelle had such a calm sweet demeanor and I could tell she had a heart to be a mama again!

Meet John, Janelle and Tanner

11737962_10206606153288501_5892506169279662149_nJust after two short months they were home study ready and excited to move forward with their adoption journey! About 3 weeks later we received an adoption situation that I forwarded on to Janelle and John, they reviewed everything and decided, in their heart this was a good one for them to present to so again they jumped in with both feet! Right after Labor Day weekend they received the EXCITING news that Expectant Mama “A” loved them and felt they were the right fit! They were MATCHED! Later that month they were able to spend some time with “A” and it confirmed everything they already knew, this was the perfect match for them and “A”!

About 4 short weeks After they met “A” I got a text from Janelle saying, “She is in Labor and we are headed to the hospital!!” We all prayed for a safe delivery and shortly after baby Payton was born!

Gosh she is beautiful and so loved

10361511_10207248651070544_8126526406106792757_n 12074942_10207249485331400_9090503071366685819_n 12088545_10207262122767328_6123176067492254303_n 12107975_10207249486131420_2865270567768109180_nIn just a short time a family of three grew to a family of four and it was all really beautiful! Adoption almost always comes with bumps along the way but you stay committed and support and love that birth mama the best you know how and that’s exactly what Janelle and John did…


If you are interested in learning more about Adoption consulting through Christian Adoption Consultants email me at Casey@christianadoptionconsultants.com or call me at 512-230-5313

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