+Congrats Joni and Abe+

Joni and Abe have been dreaming about this moment, the moment they would meet their next little one for SO long. I started first talking with Joni May 2014 about her dreams of adoption and adding to their family. We spoke consistently over the next year about different options and what was the right fit for them. July 2015 they were ready to take the leap and get started with CAC! YAY!

Over the next few months I would send them several different situations that they would carefully review and decide if it was a god fit for them. September 8th I received a situation that I forwarded on to Joni and we talked a lot about and her and her hubby also talked in detail about everything. They put their heart on the line and decided to present.


A short 6 weeks later I received a text that she had booked a flight and baby Noah was ON HIS WAY! She was so excited to meet him and love on his mama also! Open Adoption can be so beautiful and this birth mom made the most selfless decision imaginable. She is beautiful, strong and courageous! Meet this beautiful family who all love one little boy so much!

11082580_812368805890_941908667200736275_n 12106789_812368741020_6266227124521434522_n 12141612_812368875750_8673817827588391427_nThe blending of two families might seem scary but truly there is so much beauty in the midst of the heartache. Adoption comes with both, Joni and Abe are so excited to honorably raise Noah and have a open adoption to always have birth mom “L” involved as well.


IF you would like to know more about Christian Adoption Consultants and working together on your adoption please email or call me!

Casey@Christianadoptionconsultants.com 512-230-5313

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