“What does Adoption mean to me?” -From the heart of a birth mom PART 2


So, how can birth mothers create change? Most importantly, they should be proud and hold their head up high, because one, options support respect. Of course, birth mothers need their own individual time of healing and coping. Some even seek out the various birth mother support organizations and post-adoption counseling. But after we have acknowledged that this decision was the best through our own mentality and perspectives. Although it was not easy, it was the best. We can unveil our adoption story and share it with those who know nothing about the option of adoption. And not only share our adoption story, but also spread the knowledge of these amazing and honest adoption resources. Where? We can start in our local pregnancy resource centers, our schools, and better yet, peacefully in front of abortion centers where women have never heard of this exceptional word. With abortion centers sweeping our nation, undoubtedly there are at least thousands of women who need to hear our voices. Birth mothers have this unique opportunity to provide, and become involved in their community to create a culture of life.

This is about changing people’s lives, which in turn, change others, and so on. It is a divine chain reaction. Adoption means a story shared, a woman not regretting a decision of abortion, a heartache and life saved, and the cycle goes on. Birth mothers not only choose life, they go beyond that gallant decision and change the course of history and the future. This is where our adoption story and experience come into play. God’s hand is on us. We can produce fruit. I have been able to witness mothers make a parenting or adoption decision ever since I came out of my worn out closet. It’s a wonderful feeling for a mother to squeeze your neck, and to thank you for your presence when she was feeling as if all odds were against her. To see these women looking forward to delivery, naming their baby, and preparing for what’s ahead – it is breathtaking. Let’s come out of these dilapidated closets. Birth mother means beautiful, brave and bold. There is a new generation heading towards the word, “choice.” Choice also means adoption. This is the twentieth century for God sakes. Talk about adoption.

*If you have experienced an abortion, there is complete healing and forgiveness. Rachel’s Vineyard (rachelsvineyard.org) is a safe place to ‘renew, rebuild, and redeem hearts broken by abortion.’


Can You Take Him Back?

Today, I was at the Post Office (AGAIN)! I know they hate me!!!! One sweet and aggressive female worker knows me by name. She happened to be the one that shipped off my packages today. After our introductions, she asked what the packages were for. I told her, “Some of the packages will go to organizations that are open to information on adoption, and the other packages will go to a few birth mothers out of the States.” “Birth mother… Are you a birth mother?” She asked, really confused. I said, “Yeah” (Trying to be all chill about it). Then, she began questioning me: “Do you know your child; do you get to see him; CAN YOU TAKE HIM BACK?” I smiled throughout our conversation, because I thought it was amusing how much she did not know about open adoption.

                                                            Shout Your Adoption

Fourteen years ago I walked into an abortion center, scared and alone, with the lie that abortion is the only way out… The only way that I could move on and pursue my future goals. I was very young and naive at the time, so I had a lot of pressure from others around me that abortion was the only option – mainly pressure from my mother. Though, because there were faithful sidewalk advocates praying for me outside the abortion center that day, I chose life for my son. Then, ten months later, I made the courageous decision to place him for adoption. I would never go back on my decision of life for my birth son, nor my decision of adoption for him. We are both so grateful for that option. When parenting is not an option, adoption is so empowering, loving , sacrificial, selfless, unique, bold and courageous. I am a proud birth mother and my son is a proud adoptee.

            National Adoption Awareness Month

Surely you know by now it’s National Adoption Awareness Month! Woo Hoo! How does this month relate to me? It not only speaks to me because I am a birth mother, but also because I am a sidewalk advocate. This month highlights how many hurting, but brave women I have seen walk in and out of abortion centers towards a parenting or adoption plan.

This month highlights the time that I had amazing people around me who spoke with me about the option of adoption when I was facing an unplanned pregnancy at the age of sixteen: Sidewalk advocates, the Liberty Godparent Home and Family Life Services. This month shows me how much my birth son’s incredible (adoptive) mother and father love him; because I am a mother now myself, and I cannot imagine not having these precious children to squeeze, kiss, serve and love. This month reminds me of how blessed I am with a husband of almost ten years who has loved me unconditionally, and has had to hear me talk about abortion and adoption – all of this time we have been together;). Most importantly, this month is about God’s reminder of His love for me when I chose the option of adoption, instead of walking back into the abortion center for my scheduled appointment. God is good y’all! Reminiscing is good. 



When she asked if I wanted to take my birth son back, I then asked her, “Why would I take him back?” I continued, “He’s not mine to take back – he’s happy, he can contact me anytime he wants to, and I am at peace knowing that I made the right decision for him during that time in my life.” She said, “Excuse me,” and left the room (And, by the way, everyone in that room around us had listened to our conversation thus far – dead silence). She came back after two minutes, and I didn’t know what to expect. I asked her if she was o.k., since she had tears rolling down her face. She said that she was so moved by my story and my sacrifice to place my birth son. She conveyed that she is adopted herself, and never thought of searching for her birth mother until now. I proclaimed, “I am the one thankful for the option of adoption – I could have never felt an alternative from abortion without that option.” Everyone who was in that room today now has a new perspective of adoption, and what it is today.

Photo Nov 10, 9 44 09 AM

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IMG_9165A photo of Callie and her son at placement…

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