The wait is finally over..

I have been working with Ashley and Eric for over a year now and early 2015 they were home study ready. I literally cant find enough AMAZING things to say about this couple. I made their profile book which was easy to do because they are genuinely kind people with beautiful pictures. Soon after Ashley and Eric started seeing different potential situations. Over the months Ashley leaned on me several times which  I was so thankful for because they began hearing more “no’s” than they would have hoped for.. Around 10 to be a little more accurate.

I know to a lot of people this would discourage them and make them want to quite or really even question if this ACTUALLY was where God was leading them. Not Ashley, every single “NO” Ashley would be bummed but always follow up with, “but im so glad that mama found the right family for her baby and I will continue to pray for them..”

She never had a bitter heart. As many of you might know my husband and I have been in the process of our second adoption so it has been nice to truly go through this process right along side my families. We were matched and then headed to Florida earlier this month to be at the birth of our second son. It was beautiful, all of it. WELL while we were there one of the agencies we worked with reached out to me about a “stork drop” situation. They had a baby boy that was born the SAME day as my son in the SAME hospital and his birth parents decided to make an adoption play These 2 weeks I had been sitting in the NICU with my son, Ashley’s son was in the same NICU and we had no idea!

I was THRILLED to email her and let her know about the situation, they immediately wanted to present and I prayed SO hard for this mama and Ashley. I did not want to text/call her again with another “no” not the same week as Thanksgiving, not at all. So it literally made my year when I received a text from Ashley saying “SHE CHOSE US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Within 48 hours I sent her the situations and the day before Thanksgiving Ashley and Eric met their son, Jacob.

This was the first picture that Ashley sent me along with this text and I could have cried I was so happy for them..

Thank you for praying with us since September 2014. Thank you for hurting with us and bending over backwards with answers to a zillion questions from me. Thank you. It means the world to us and it all culminated to today at 2:00 when we met our son. It’s unbelievable and there’s no amount of time or preparations that can really prepare you for that moment. We are so in love already. Seriously – thank you for everything.”

God makes us wait, all of us-for something. Some it’s for a new job, house, husband, wife, stability. Others it’s to be parents. Waiting to be a mom was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do and so I truly understand what Ashley was going through all of those months. God makes us wait, but he always follows through. He loves us an immeasurable amount and doesn’t want to see us in pain, he just needs to timing to be right for the life he has planned for us. Ashley and Eric could have easily been mad, bitter or stopped. But they didn’t they new God had a planned and with every part of them, they believed in it.

If you are wanting more information on adoption please don’t hesitate to reach out to me, I would love to give you all the resources I can!

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