Bringing home Austin…

I remember mine and Andrea’s first conversation and how she was not married and never had children but was (cautiously) READY to start her adoption journey! She had a lot of questions like anyone would, we walked through each of them one by one until she felt 100% comfortable. I always tell my families to please ask me as many questions as you can think of because I want them to be 100% IN THIS when they start their journey with me and Christian Adoption Consultants.

The end of February neared and we got started! Over the next few months Andrea and I talked about ways for her to raise the funds, different ideas about the profile book and getting her home study approved. Most families that adopt are doing it together as a family or with their partner close by, but Andrea was making the decision to grow her family while being single. She knew the time was right, didn’t want to wait any longer and she was MAKING this happen! She was ready to be a mom and nothing was going to get in her way..

I saw that grit and fight in her from the very beginning. She was nervous and anxious, but who isn’t when you are adopting? A few months later she had her profile book completed, let me have the honor of reviewing it (which it was beautiful), her home study as done and she was ready to start reviewing different potential expectant mom situations that might be a good fit for her..

Within jut a few short weeks of being home study ready we received a potential situation for expectant mama “D” and Andrea wanted to present! She wrote a heartfelt letter, sent her book and other documents needed and left it all out there. Just a few days after presenting we got the EXTREMELY exciting news that “D” chose Andrea to be the mother of her little BOY! Desiree saw something in Andrea that she knew she wanted for her son. Over the next few months Andrea and “D” got to know each other better and Andrea even flew to her state so they could meet in person!

A few weeks ago Andrea met her son, Austin. He is beautiful and being a mom looks FABULOUS on Andrea.


CONGRATS Andrea, Austin is beautiful and you worked hard to make this happen mama!

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