Jesus is the best person to wait with..

One of the hardest parts of the adoption process is the W.A.I.T.

So you do all the things that you can do to be as proactive as possible to bring your little one home. The list starts and you are anxious, nervous, excited and get started!

The List:

Find an agency or consultant { I can recommend one;) }

Find a home study provider

Ask all the questions to make sure they are the right one

Gather massive amounts of paperwork for the home study provider

Gather pictures for the profile book

Put the profile book together

Edit it

Edit it again

And maybe just more time (because we over analyze things like this)

Then you are ready to apply to agencies, so you do.

And then you do the dreaded thing…

you WAIT

I have been through two adoptions, my sister is now adopting and I am an adoption consultant that works with families that are adopting. The wait is no easier for one person than it is the next. It is gut wrenching, you make this HUGE decision to adopt and then you just want it to happen. Your heart aches because you find yourself dreaming and falling in love with a tiny its bits baby, a baby that isn’t yet yours and a baby you don’t know. You don’t know what color hair they have, if they have dimples, if they are a chunk or a tiny little thing. You don’t know the beautiful woman carrying them, her name, life story or anything.

But here you are, falling in love with her and the little baby she is carrying. You find yourself praying for them, crying for them and longing to know them.

When you let yourself go there, that is when the WAIt really starts to wear on you. So often I find (and did myself) talking with others about how hard the wait is BUT are you talking to the Lord about it because He can handle it, you know?

Do you know?

The Lord wants us so desperately to come to him with all our desires and concerns. If you are struggling in the wait, tell him. Ask for him to ease your mind and comfort your heart. Ask him for the comfort that you aren’t finding while you wait. We so often go to friends and family with struggles but what will help the most and is often the easiest, we simply over look. We have to call our friends and family and carve out to time to confide in them but the Lord is with you wherever you are and he is always available to hear your heart. If you are struggling today, I challenge you to lean into Him. These fears, doubts and concerns begin to manifest in us over time when we are waiting but the Lord knows better.  WE know better, we know the Lord has our family covered in protection and if we are waiting for something it is because he is waiting for the right moment to reveal itself and often protecting us from something.

Just always remember this, you have not been forgotten.

You never could be.
If you are interested in adoption and joining the awesome WAIT crowd I would love to chat more!

Christian Adoption Consultants

with love and from a mama who has waited,

Trust me when I tell you the wait was worth it ❤


2 thoughts on “Jesus is the best person to wait with..

  1. SO GOOD. I feel like this applies to all of life. Why is it we are so quick to forget that God is always in our corner and there for us?! I needed this little reminder so thank you! 🙂

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