Sippy cups and an unpromised future

Press play.


Yesterday I was going about my business as usual, scrolling through instagram when a post stopped me dead in my tracks as I started to read:

“I’m not good at keeping things in…”

I continued to read on about a sister of a friend that I went to highschool with, found out this week that she has a rare form of aggressive cervical cancer. Now that sounds super removed from my normal day to day life but if you are a social media person you totally get how this could knock you off your feet. I love following along her sweet brand new baby as her and Murphy are close in age, we just do the social media thing and follow along each others life. She doesn’t deserve this, noone does. Last night over dinner I prayed for healing and today as I was feeding my baby I was pouring over her blog with updates from the last week. My heart was so sad as I read her beautiful words of transparency. Words that were full of grace, tears and quite literally putting her whole life into the hands of Jesus.

She is beautiful.


2 weeks ago she was going about her life not questioning it.

Today we spent most of the day outside playing on the back porch with toys and worship music, I didn’t question one single time that if there would be a “tomorrow” I just assume there will be.



But that’s the tricky thing about life, it’s not promised.

We can’t see the future and Shea is a fighter and she is going to beat this. She is going to spend a beautiful long life with her family. That doesn’t mean she isn’t going through the hardest moments of her life right now.

I was talking with my mother in law last night as she sat holding my son, my son that was born to another woman and almost didn’t see this beautiful earth. I told her that through our infertility the Lord opened my eyes to the power of prayer. He showed me that I need only ask, that I need to come to HIM, that he is the only real healer, no matter how many months over and over proved I was barren that HE was and is bigger and was going to make me a mom.

I just needed to lay it at his feet.
and then this..


and this…


So this stupid Cancer that Shea has, it is NOTHING is the face of the Lord. He can heal and have a family overcome it all.

We need only ask.
So would you join me?
Would you cover her family in prayer?
Would you stand in the gap for a fellow sister in Christ?
Would you speak her name over your dinner table tonight as you pray?

As I am writing this the perfect song came on to remind me and now you that we are redeemed and with hearts on fire Lord you dwell in us.

“Hear our cries Lord
Come shake these walls
Rattle the steeples
Lord we are your people”
-All Sons and Daughters

Please follow along her journey so you can know how to specifically pray, please pray tonight, please pray now.


Shea’s Blog

with love,



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