Double the love

I was uploading the pictures of Laura and Adam with their twins for this blog and got teary thinking about where we started and where we are now. From day one when I spoke with Laura I could hear the love she had for the Lord and that adoption had been on her heart for a very long time and Adam had specifically been praying for Twins for years. I first spoke with Adam and Laura on the Phone in January 2015, by February they sent me their Christian Adoption Consultants application and we got started. I helped them get set up with a home study provider and they were off.

Adam and Laura had just moved and were in the middle of renovating their new home so they took things at a slower pace in the beginning because that’s what worked for them! Looking back, that wasn’t them at all. It was the Lord purposely slowing down because it would be a little longer until he revealed the babies that would be joining their family. Every once in a while I will have families that get started with me and say “We would really love twins to join our family!” and I always tell them we don’t see them a ton but they do happen!

So the home study process was finished around September which is right when my husband and I found out that we were going to be parents again through adoption. See it’s kind of cool being able to literally walk this journey along side my families. When the waiting is wearing on their heart I can say” I am in this with you” and talk it out with them. We were waiting for God to reveal his plan for our second child and second adoption as well. They were ready to start seeing situations and we had just found out we were going to have another son in 8 weeks! Over those 8 weeks, I would send situation after situation, some the presented to and some they didn’t feel were the right one so the waiting continued.

On November 18th, 2015 just 10 days after my son was born we received a situation of TWINS! A boy and a girl and expectant mama “B” was making an adoption plan for them. I was sitting in the NICU with my little man sending them a situation with Twins. They reviewed it and wanted to present! Two days later after a long day in the NICU I was in the parking garage leaving my son for the night when I got the best call ever, Laura and Adam where about to have two babies!!!!! “B” PICKED THEM!!!!

TWINS! Laura was freaking out on the phone and I remember this very second like it was yesterday. I was just with my adopted son and they would soon be in that very hospital meeting their twins. The beauty of it all is not lost on me. This is my THIRD family with Twins and another one last week that matched with twins making them #4. So many babies the Lord is joining with sweet hopeful families.

Just about 9 weeks later they met James and Ellie

LRbwEllie and James Newborn-57

 LREllie and James Newborn-63

LREllie and James Newborn-37

These two beautiful babes don’t even yet know how loves they are by two families. They are truly a gift from the Lord.

Now a little more from Laura:

“I always knew I would adopt one day. I first felt the calling to adopt when I was 23 on my first missions trip to the Ukraine working with orphan children. I knew if there was one thing I could do well, it would be to love these children who need a family. I could give them that love, and could also tell them of the love of Jesus, the one that never fails and never gives up.
When Adam and I were just dating, we both talked about how we felt called to adopt one day, was just a matter of when and how. It wasn’t long after we were married that we realized we were facing infertility, one of the most devastating realities we have ever faced. However, we were soon reminded of our calling to adopt, so we quickly signed up with Christian Adoption Consultants ( who we had heard wonderful things about from a friend). 
During our time of trying for a family, I lost track of how many times I overheard Adam pray out loud for twins. I couldn’t help but laugh because I had absolutely no idea how that would happen, seeing how impossible it was for me to get pregnant and stay pregnant. Once we started the adoption process,that dream sort of dwindled, but Adam never lost hope, I still sometimes overheard Adam praying for twins, going God might just surprise us. 
We sent one profile to a birth mom with high hopes of being chosen, only to be let down when she chose another family. Both of us shed tears as we thought this had to be the one. Then we sent our second profile to another birth mom…again, not chosen. We started to feel we would never get to experience the joy of being parents. Then, out of the blue, Casey told us about a case with TWINS!! One boy and one girl!! We couldn’t believe this was even a possibility! Qucikly we overnighted our profile, only to hear that 15 other families had turned in their profile as well. Our hearts sank…we felt there was absolutely no way we would be chosen. Then came one of the best days of our lives!!! WE got the call, the birth mother had CHOSEN US!!! The Lord was doubly blessing us, just like Adam had prayed over and over countless times! Furthermore, the Lord provided over half of our funds for the adoption (which we were never expecting), and the Lord carried the to 38 weeks, born healthy with no need for NICU, quick discharge, and home safely.
We are insanely in love with our babies. One fear I had was of not bonding quickly or having to find ways to love them better. All fears subsided as soon as we were alone in the nursery with them and papers were signed. Those babies were ours, one of the greatest gifts and miracles the Lord could ever bless us with. I now know that I am fulfilling one of God’s purposes for my life, to love these precious children who would otherwise have a very different life. I am already plotting when would be a good time for us to adopt another! 
One last note…I want to honor their birth mother. We love and admire her, and are forever grateful to her because she gave us the opportunity to be parents. Without her, we wouldn’t be experiencing the sweetest joy of parenthood. “
My son is currently sitting in front of me in his mamaroo and Laura is busy loving on her babies. The Lord is faithful and he always finds a way to our children, even if the road isn’t always easy when we when follow the Lord’s calling for our life or family the outcome is always a beautiful and fulfilling one.
If adoption has been on your heart and you would like to know more about Christian Adoption Consultants and working with me, shoot me an email at
You can also follow along our crazy family on If at @zarubalife
With love,

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