Worth the Wait

I feel like I am a broken record with this, but MAN I love this sweet family. I met Danielle and Joey in October when they inquired about working with CAC after being with a local agency for a year who decided to close their domestic infant program. After chatting we realized that they lives only about 30 minutes from my family. They came to me home study and profile book ready but preferred to have an updated book that I would complete for them. I love designing profile books so it was my pleasure.

I finished up their profile book, got a few things updated on their home study and by the end of November they were applying to agencies. They were so exciting to be seeing situations after so much “quiet” at the previous agency. We began talking in more detail about each situation and just seeing if it would be a good fit for them to present to. After sending on a few situations they saw one that they felt was a good fit to present to, ultimately another family was chosen and I had to send that dreaded message to them letting them know.

The reason I decided to add that part in is because without the heartbreak it is hard to FULLY appreciate to beauty in that “yes” it is SO hard to hear a”no” that your family isn’t what that expectant mama is looking for, but I always tell my families God is intentionally making that “NO” happen so he can get you ready for His “YES”. I have to see the heart break in these families but when it is time for their “YES” it is full of beauty and redemption.

A couple weeks later we heard about birth parents “M” and “H” wanting to make an adoption plan for their little boy. They happened to be local to Danielle and Joey also! The birth parents LOVED them, they talked on the phone, went to dinner and it was a MATCH! Danielle began going to her doctors appointments since they were so close and grew a beautiful bond. She got a call a few weeks later from “M” that she was in labor! Danielle took her to the hospital and with the birth father by her side, she delivered a beautiful healthy baby boy!

Meet Jackson

(Meeting him at the hospital)

And from the newborn session:


7 days after this sweet little one was born I FINALLY got to hug this mama’s neck that I had been talking with for months!


Now a little more from the new mama herself on their journey:

“Joey and I always dreamt of having kids. We had been married 4 years when we answered God’s calling for us to start that family we dreamt of through adoption. We started our adoption journey in October of 2014. We initially worked with a local Catholic Charities branch for a year. With CC we completed all of the background checks, required trainings and we were home-study approved May 2015 we saw two situations from May 2015 – October 2015, and then we were told CC would be ending their adoption program effective immediately. We were completely devastated and felt like a rug had been pulled from under us! A friend told us about CAC, and after feeling like we “wasted” a year with CC we were anxious to not lose momentum! So we did our homework– spoke with Casey in October, and let the Lord guide us on what was next. Casey helped us transition over, and we were SO EXCITED not to have to redo our home-study! After Thanksgiving Casey had our new profile completed and we were ready to see situations. Casey sent us several situations… It started to wear us down with each situation we presented to that did not end in a match, and although it is sometimes hard to hear “God has the right baby for you and everything will come at the right time” (you hear that a million and one times) it is so true!! Prayer and faith in the Lord is such an important part of this adoption journey and that is something we loved about working with CAC! Your consultant is always walking alongside you, praying with you and keeping you focused on what the lord has ahead for you!

In January I got a text from Casey about a situation she felt we had a really good chance of matching with. We quickly decided to overnight our profile and prayed! Although we were not chosen in this situation it opened a door for us!  A week or so later we were matched with a birth mom delivering in our home state in the city where we live! That was totally our Lord working! In just 4 short weeks prior to our son being born we had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know the two most wonderful people, our sons birth parents. We are forever grateful to them and love them so much. Without them I would not be holding my beautiful baby boy right now! They are such amazing, courageous people, and we will do our best to honor them every single day!”

  • – Danielle

I read this verse the other day and I just keep coming back to it.

“Your word, Lord, is eternal;
it stands firm in the heavens.
Your faithfulness continues through all generations;
you established the earth and it endures.”

Psalm 119:89-91

If you would like to know more about Christian Adoption Consultants and working with me I would love to chat! Email me at Casey@christianadoptionconsultants.com

With love,

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