Sweet India

Roy and Meredith, two of my most favorite people ever. They might have signed on with me and Christian Adoption Consusltants to get guidance on their adoption journey, but truly I gained so much from them as well. Their transparent heart for the Lord, the way they walked through this process with the most grateful heart, handling every situation with such eloquent grace blew me away. As in, I wish we lived in the same place so we could be real life friends.

I just love them…


We got started in August 2015, they began working on the home study while I created the perfect profile book to represent their family. Just about 8 weeks later in October they were HS and profile book ready and began applying to agencies and looking at potential adoption situations. The holidays came and went and then January rolled around with a situation that they were ready to present to, expectant mom “A” was looking to make an adoption plan for her baby girl and Roy and Meredith felt that this was one for them to move forward on.

We all anxiously waited a few days knowing she had a few other families she was considering as well. The wait was worth it because just a few days later they found out that they were EXACTLY what “A” was looking for in a family for her baby girl. I was so excited to see this announcement pop up in my feed.


Last month they meant their daughter India,


And just was everything they could have ever dreamt of in a daughter.



Day in and Day out I am starting to see more and more of my clients family pictures fill up my news feed and it makes my heart swell. I have two adopted sons who along with my husband make my world spin. There is truly no greater feeling than being entrusted with a child. A child that is so loved by a two families. Love that is now separated but built up and pushed out for a lifetime. Adoption built Roy and Meredith’s family and they are so grateful for India’s beautiful birth mom who made the choice of LIFE because she loved her daughter so much.

Adoption is life changing and hard and beautiful and worth the waiting.

If you are interested in learning more about working with me and CAC please shoot me an email at Casey@christianadoptionconsultants.com or give me a call on my direct line at 512-230-5313 and it would be my honor to walk your through how it all works or just share my life journey with you because some how I always end up accidentally doing that 🙂

With love,

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