Loving his birth mom

I always listen to music when I blog so here is todays. Kari always know how to get me.

When we started the adoption process, I came into it a little blind. I always knew I would love this sweet little baby that would soon become part of our family. I knew we would fall more and more in love with him daily, spend our life wanting better for him and praying for him without ceasing. But, there was one this I was not prepared for. We do all the same for their birth moms.

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Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset



These are the two woman that made me a mom. Foster and I with his birth mom on the top and Murphy and I with his birth mom on the bottom.

I was completely blind sighted. The love I have for these woman is something that is almost impossible to describe.

My husband and I have been HOOKED on this Netflix documentary called “LIFE” and it is about these crazy amazing animals we never knew anything about and following their journey and struggles (we are so old). Anyways so many of the stories are about the  extreme measures that a mom will go to protect their young. They are fierce and protective in way of love. They keep an eye out and travel the longest distances to find the right spot to raise their little ones.

This is exactly what birth moms do for their children. I remember when we met Murphy’s birth mom “P” in person for the first time, we brought her flowers and a card I poured my heart into. She asked question after question as tears filled her eyes. It was hard for her to make eye contact. I can only imagine it was because who wants to look over every detail of the woman that your son will call “mom” when you are the one who feels his every move in your belly. At the end of the day though she knew this was what was best for her son. Through her sacrifice in putting her son’s needs before her own wants, she chose adoption.

Adoption is something that you have to go into with a lot of Faith and stand on trust. Through the end of her pregnancy we put every ounce of trust that she was sure of this decision when she chose us to be the parents of her son and the second she signed those papers with tears rolling down her face, it immediately flipped. She now had to put EVERY ounce of trust in us that we would follow through with everything we said we would do. That we wouldn’t just cut her out and move on with our life without her. But, we could and would never dream of that. We love both of our son’s birth mom with a fierce protective love.

Nothings brings me more joy than when “P” texts me and asks for “A pic of our little man” or when she knows we have a doctors appointment and wants to know how it went.  So often people just assume I would be protective or feel threatened. Won’t this confuse your kids?

The answer is just, no. Not all cases are conducive to an open adoption and that’s okay. But for us and our children, we want them to know there was no question about how much they were and are still loved. We are PROUD to be a blended, differently built family.

I love these two woman with my whole heart and our Murphy and Foster will grow up with double the love.


We love you “D” and “P”

We are a family because of you.



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