Plus one makes SIX

Allison and Clinton reached out to me in July 2015 with hopeful hearts of growing their family through adoption. We spoke in detail about what the process would look like and they were excited to get started. Allison and Clinton were ON TOP of getting their HS going while I worked on their profile book. By the end of September they were ready to start seeing potential adoption situations.

Just a few short weeks later they received a situation on expectant mom “M” we talked a lot in detail as there were a few things that they wanted to learn more about so I worked on talking them through all their fears and getting them the resources they needed to learn more.

At the end of the day, the decided that the Lord was pushing them to present- so they did! Just a few short days later we got the amazing news that THEY WERE CHOSEN!

So often I have families that already have biological kids ask if they would ever be chosen since they have kids (3 specifically here) and I always tell them that I have seen some bigger families who are chosen quicker than families with no kids and vice versa. At the end of the day, the Lord knows the child he has planned for your family.



More from Allison herself:

I was first referred to CAC the fall of 2013 from a friend who had successfully adopted twice through them. I immediately looked them up and read every blog post of every adoption! I was crying and knew we would eventually bring our baby home through them! I kept up with their blog for a full year before contacting them. Casey called me quickly and answered all my questions. One question was if they ever matched larger families. We had already been told by a few agencies that already having 3 children, we would most likely have a very long wait. Casey told me that they matched larger families all the time! Probably a year after that we signed up and were ready to get started! I think we were matched 4 months after initially signing with CAC. Casey was in the middle of an adoption herself so she understood everything! I could safely share all of my fears and she always was so calming. We knew we were called to adopt but had no idea how to get started. CAC helped us step by step and everything went so smoothly! We would have never found the agency we matched without them and wouldn’t have our sweet Jack!

I love this sweet family that God brought together. If you would like to chat more about adoption please do not hesitate to call me at 512-230-5313 or email me at

With love,

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